Mexican Point of View of Obama´s Presidency

Mexican View of Obama

The spelling and grammatical errors are consistent for a video in English from Mexico. The analogy to Spain is basically correct & could have been Venezuela, Cuba, France, Greece, Italy, or Portugal, as examples of socialist policies. Gracias, amigo, por su apoyo.

Obama offers the same kind of hope and change that Spain has endured.

Fidel Castro also promised “Change” but nobody questioned what type of change he meant. The socialists, communists and dictators all do to the willing idiots.

Social Media Is Freedom’s New Voice

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

Christmas presents that are the best come in people and unexpected gifts. For me this was having my daughters both home from distant parts of the US and the introduction to how to Crush It!

Crush It! Doorway To Spreading Freedoms Message
Your Battle Plan For Spreading Freedoms Message

Careful You May Get What You Ask For
Besides the blessed gifts of my daughters being home, I also got the gifts I asked for and yes many other gifts, all appreciated, destined to clutter drawers and other cavities in the house. Some are marked with a date for safe re-gifting. Some of the gifts I went for were Beck’s Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government, Beck’s Glenn Beck’s Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine and Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto. Santa was generous and my patience to hold out paid off.

Sorry Jim Cramer
I find the holiday weeks are a great time for reading and was delighted to see I was blessed with content of my liking this year. Last year it was Jim Cramer’s books. Unfortunately after finding he supported the Democrats in 2008 I doubted he has a full understanding of capitalism. This doubt turned to conclusion when he expressed “buyer’s remorse” in voting for Obama and then repudiating that. His books are finding their way to Amazon where they can truly contribute to capitalism for me. Plus despite his apparent personal successes, I can tell you he can hurt folks who try to follow him. Cramer is no pundit in my humble opinion and I have since stopped following his show. But I digress.

Oxygen Now!
After all the Xmas gifts were opened my oldest daughter Beverly, who is a people networking virtuoso, mentioned two books she bought for a cousin in her same age group: young and looking to make a mark in the world preferably through capitalism whether or not they truly understand the crumbling liberty foundation needed for true capitalism. She suggested I might want to read them and we could buy fresh copies before we visit her cousin. This is her networking acuity hard at work – knowing people including her father – breathtaking – give me oxygen now.

Sorry Glenn Beck and Mark Levin
The two books she offered up are  Crush It! and What Would Google Do? While waiting for Christmas dinner, I took on the shorter book Crush It! Sorry Beck. Sorry Levin. Within pages I realized I had the real surprise gift of the holiday. I consumed most of the 134 pages by dinner and polished the remainder off after my younger scholarly daughter Julianne delighted us with her culinary arts for another fabulous holiday meal something that I look forward to in the past years since she started doing our holiday meals.

Gary Vaynerchuk: Social Media = Business
Crush It!
is written by Gary Vaynerchuk a former resident of Hunterdon County New Jersey and family member of the Shoppers Discount Liquors of Clark New Jersey. Gary is famous in the Social Media world in particular with the Wine Library that is his proof of the new business formula: Social Media = Business. Gary makes big bucks with his passion for wine using social media. I also learned he redesigned the Vemma web site for brand partners like me to meet the new business formula of social media equaling business. I was delighted when that upgrade was released in September but did not know who Gary was then. I now blog there as well.

Traditional Business Media Models Are Obsolete
The business models of reaching people have changed dramatically in this decade that is ending this week. If you have not caught on, you will have to wake up because your current ways of business building and using media is becoming obsolete. Yes just like the buggy whip. Let me say it this way: The New Media is Social Media. How it works is foreign to traditional business thinking and to most boomers on up in age. This book shows you how to embrace it. Social media applies to any business from one person to one as large as Dell. Dell is talked about in the What Would Google Do? book and demonstrates how social media can be the end or the savior of a company that large. I am still knifing through What Would Google Do? and expect to have some mind changes once done such as all businesses need to create a platform. I bet you wonder what a “platform” is. Get the book.

Social Media Is The Mass Media
Waking up is all about the conservative movement. We need to wake up people who vote. The question comes up time and time again about how to get the message out and perhaps how to raise money to get the message out. Standing on streets protesting, going to DC, meeting with “elected” officials and sending emails are obsolete in the sense of media outreach necessary to wake up voters. Embracing and mastering social media contains the muskets we need for the second revolution. So I want to reapply Gary’s formula as Social Media = Freedom’s New Voice. This applies to every person who wants the truth told and there are no excuses for you not to learn how. Every tweet in social media represents a shot heard as a mass media necessary to get the message out.

I Do Not Get That Twitter Thing
So what is a tweet? Many tell me they do not understand Twitter or Facebook or YouTube. They think it is above them or too complicated or they do not have enough time. They are still stuck with email and many do not know how to do that effectively either to the point the senders are complaining about the volume in their own inboxes. I have to say a large majority of my emails now go into a folder for future reading to which I may never get to read. Sorry those are facts.

Bayonets vs AK45s
Social media communication domination is critical for capitalism and conservatism to grow again. The world order communists, progressives, socialists or whatever have this social media weapon well in hand are using it to accelerate their agendas at hyper speed while their intended captives, YOU, are not. Look at this way. Bayonets to AK45s is email to social media. Guess who has the AK45s.

If you have a burning passion about this conservative movement and the 100+ year communist infiltration into US education and government, then you need to look at expressing it via social media. So the question you ask is how are you going to learn to use social media?

You start with Crush It! I get asked over and over by fellow conservatives about starting a web site. Frankly its a big job and nothing gets done and maintenance is a bigger problem. Then consider that communicating via a web site is obsolete in many respects as you will learn in reading Crush It!. Even the idea of a home page is decreasing rapidly as a media force. Effective application of social media is the priority and the web site and home pages are moving to second place. Wait until Google Wave hits. Ah another big technology change is on its way. They just keep coming like new weapons.

What To Master In Social Media
For social media you to learn about building followers. Terms like tumbling, call-to-action buttons, share buttons, lure, lasso, widgets and platform are few you need to master.

For just a hint on some for these outlined in Crush It! consider call-to-action buttons. These are subscribe to email, friend me up, follow me and become a fan. Many I know in the conservative movement only understand subscribe to email which everyone fears. Subscribe to email is one the younger generation could care less about. How about share buttons? Stumble upon, Digg, Reddit, Facebook and Email This. Again more advanced way to build followings you need to study and master.

Talk to the Hand
Crush It!
is an easy read. The chapters are short so you can take many breaks although you may gulp down two or three at a read. Gary will help you identify the social media style for your DNA and provides a simple list of steps to get going. End goal it to brand yourself in social media for a following. Leading by example is how minds are changed and social media is the path.

Warning! Folks who now want to discuss with me a web presence and have not done Gary’s Crush It! are going to get a “talk to the hand” response because you need to get the importance of social media first.  Just as print is becoming obsolete, television is too and soon your business and worse freedom. Gary explains how TV and cable are doomed. Sorry Fox and Comcast. Perhaps the demise of television broadcasting is good for liberty if we learn to master the alternative because of the tidal wave of expanding media that it brings intertwined as social media.

So you are warned. Want to not understand and daily use social media then “talk to the hand”. As well watch what you love overrun by a generation who was denied learning the truth about freedom and how it can be taken away in slivers until one point is unrecognizable.

A Quick Social Media Readiness Test
Want a social media readiness test now? Try the Share/Save button below and if you do not have a choice on there you can pick besides email and bookmark, you are at zero. Have 3 choices you can use? You get a barely passing grade.

Obama, Biden, Pelosi Ignore Adler (D-NJ) Warning HR 3962 Will Fail

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

John Adler (D-NJ) met on several occasions with Obama, Biden and Pelosi to express his concerns that Pelosi HR 3962 will fail to reduce health care costs for most Americans in the United States. Adler revealed this at his town hall in Willingboro New Jersey on November 14th, 2009.

HR 3962 Cannot Stop Skyrocket Increases in Health Care Costs
HR 3962 Cannot Stop Skyrocketing Health Care Cost Increases

HR 3962 Will Not Make Health Care Affordable
Adler claims the Pelosi HR 3962 bill voted on November 7th, 2009 will not curb health costs. Adler knows, like most Americans in recent polling, that Pelosi HR 3962 does nothing to curb rising health care costs. The Pelosi HR 3962 bill establishes a beach head for a communistic takeover of the most precious right of Americans which is their health and their bodies. It does not address the real issues facing the capitalist market place that has brought the world its current standard of health care and where here in the United States capitalism can continue to flourish for new health innovations and procedures. A large number of those issues are government anti-capitalism regulations already embedded into the pharmaceutical, health insurance and health care industries. Adler admits publicly:

“The bill going through the House didn’t have as good of measures to make insurance more affordable for more people… . The budget office told most of Congress including those in Congress that support those things in the bill [public option] that it didn’t go nearly far enough … to make health care affordable in the long run. …

In fact the bill has unintended consequences that will accelerate the cost increases as generational taxes. The cost of Pelosi HR 3962 is so large that the taxes need collecting years in advance of their use of helping anyone significantly which is not until 2013 or after. After that there are no provisions to handle the health costs the government takes on starting 2013. Taxes are a key item in cost increases passed to consumers or in causing unprofitably and thus lost jobs.  More will be coming.

Obama, Biden, Pelosi Ignore Warning Over The Catastrophic Damage To GDP
Adler was very concerned with budget office numbers showing that Pelosi HR 3962 would not control health costs. He was concerned enough to arranged multiple meetings with Obama, Biden and Pelosi to urge them that the bill does not go far enough. He and many in DC want, through government control, to reduce health care costs as a percentage of  gross domestic product.

The bill going through the House wouldn’t still the growth of health care as a percentage of our gross domestic product. For this one omission I have had a chance to speak about that with President Obama, with Vice President Biden, with Speaker Pelosi on many many occasions; probably 7 or 8 occasions …” – Adler

Raw video without annotations available for release to news organizations by request

Government Imposed Treatment Paths
Adler’s goal is forcing the health industry to be more efficient in taking care of you. This requires government control over hospital and doctor procedures. Health professionals will need to check with government approved procedures to determine the direction of your treatment. This may occur before you even reach a doctor to minimize your exposure  the higher health costs. Your treatment will go down a prescribed path regardless of your or your doctor’s concerns because any other path will increase the cost to GDP. This is a typical communist ploy to convince everyone it is necessary for the good of the State.

At Rush Holt (D-NJ) before the Pelosi HR 3962 bill on September 17th at his town meeting in South Hunterdon High School reveals his same deep understanding of this need to control your health care outcomes as well as a prediction it would be in the bill. It is clear this is kicking around and may be inserted at anytime before we get to a final bill.

[NJ Common Sense believes from studying Holt town halls, Holt is a key architect in the communistic parts of this health bill. Traditionally communists are intellectuals that are professors with little work experience who move into political arena to effect communist goals. Holt talking points are just that, communist propaganda for a government take over of your life choices.]

Raw video without annotations available for release to news organizations by request

Destruction of American Capitalism That Improved Health Quality Worldwide
Capitalism in turn looks to increasing GDP so health care costs are a lower percentage as well as providing competitive alternatives so individuals can select health insurance and services that best meets their needs like age, sex, activities and so forth. Think about the Progressive Insurance ads and you get the idea. This works to reduce costs and is something that is marginally available now in pockets and may never become nationwide. America is the last Bastian of capitalism, although crippled by government especially in health care and health insurance. Because of the excellence brought out by capitalism, American becomes unequal with the entire rest of the world that is not capitalism based. Communism works to eliminate such inequities. In the US guilt of the affluent and intellectuals work as communism to undermine the capitalist engine for the sake of being the same as the rest of the world.

We see other communist ideas such as TARP and the stimulus have failed at being good for those suffering. Suffering is the ploy needed support the lie of health care costs being a high percentage of GDP. Government propaganda has aided in lowering GDP expectations and use the “growing percent of GDP” scare tactic as a simple way to lie with statistics to unfortunately a large number of Americans who are suffering from failed government programs.

HR 3962 “Affordable Health Care For America” Propaganda
Pelosi HR 3962 is titled “Affordable Health Care For America”. Adler openly claims it is not “affordable” for anyone who has provides their own health care now. At a East Windsor Rush Holt (D-NJ) town hall, 4 days after the Saturday night passage of HR3964, there were literally boxes of color printed propaganda available for hand out by Holt agents. Given the Pelosi HR 3962 bill title “Affordable Health Care for Americans”, the question is affordable for which Americans? The answer is vulnerable Americans where communist ideas like universal health care can attract and eventually further enslave them as government wards.  Adler’s own words reveal the doublespeak in the propaganda word “Affordable”:

… affordable short-term through tax subsidies to working Americans is very very good and did not make it affordable for businesses and families and consumers  of insurance individually.

Affordable to those who do not pay for it. Not affordable for productive capitalist Americans and in fact increases their subjugation via punitive taxes filtered to every productive American via business. Generally the more you engage in productive capitalist activities the more you are taxed under the “affordable” Pelosi HR 3962. The real answer may be not affordable for anyone.

Warning from the Past – Americans Go To Silently In The Night To Communism
At the end of the Adler video above, you hear the beginning of the wrath from Willingboro pro health care group that made up of nearly 50% of the small audience. They arrived somewhat organized to encourage the passage of anything in Congress regardless if it works and diss Adler on his no vote. This is a known incremental strategy for communists and we have our warning here from Ronald Regan. Regan who kindly called it Socialism. It is not capitalism and today he would have seen we have reached the non-capitalism level of communism in Pelosi HR 3962. Just substitute communism for socialism in the video and you get it.

Lenin died in 1924. His plan for world domination summarized and paraphrased

“First we will take eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia, then we will encircle the United States which will be the last Bastian of Capitalism. We will not have to attack. It will fall like an overripe fruit into our hands.”
“None Dare to Call It Treason” John A Stormer, 1964 p.26

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Obama Birth Certificate Part Of A Citizenship Issue That Cannot Go Away

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

Challenging a sitting President on eligibility is outside the comfort level of most Americans because we assume that such an item is fully vetted beforehand. However the Obama eligibility under Article II Section 1 of the US Constitution persists. The issue is that Obama was not born in the US and thus is not eligible to be President.  Folks pursuing this issue are called birthers: a label now an official word in the Oxford Dictionary defined as “a conspiracy theorist who challenges President Obama’s U.S. birth certificate.”

Born In Two Places
Citizenship a Key Conservative Issue Starting With Leadership

Oxford Birther Definition Narrow Minded
The Oxford definition is narrow and disappointing. Set aside the technical blunder defining a powerful concept and limiting to one individual makes you think Oxford just wants another entry for the word Obama to generate links and subtle Obama promotion. But I digress with a disdain for the educated smug destroying their own reputations. The Oxford definition escapes the citizen sentiment crossing a wider citizenship issue spectrum. Who is a US citizen and who is not a US citizen is a growing problem. Birthers also question border enforcement, immigration laws, illegal immigration and importantly amnesty. Obama’s situation is likely a poster child for that sentiment.

Are You A Citizen?
It’s getting hard to tell. If you are a producer and perhaps one with productive assets, the highest quality citizen proof is demanded to move ahead. If you are a taker or “too small to tax”, it is easy to slide under radar with minimal quality documentation, forged documentation or none at all. If you only have read about false documentation and believe that is not doable, it is probably you are isolated from real life situations dealing with these folks and only get your information from media. It happens and government fails, as usual, to police it.

Birthers Are Not Satisfied
The birther issue is still strong enough to challenge elected officials in public events. One example was in Washington DC on November 11th 2009 where Republican representative Scott Garrett was questioned about the political stance on the birther issue. As the discussion got rolling you can see audience opening up a suppressed concerned. Consider this was in a day and meeting where HR 3962 was a focus!

Speaking Boldly
Then you have ostentatious presentations by community leaders who are uncomfortable with the perils they see for our Constitution. Consider Dr. James David Manning words in Harlem to his congregation on the birthing issue as a part of overall constitutional issues. You might assume Dr. Manning is more about marketing himself to his congregation, but if you strip out motives and merely consider his words, you find them too difficult to refute and are left with attacking the man.

Democrats and Illegal Immigration
Democrats would love nothing more to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants. They also do not want to make changes on the borders to prevent what has lead to the high illegal levels. So the problem will continue and perhaps legislation will provide an automatic mechanism to circumvent vetting new citizens.
Should Democrats prevail, perhaps the law will contain more relaxed definitions of what proves birth in US and the Obama birther issue may be legislated away creating anecdotal proof for birthers that there is a conspiracy cover up.

Does Obama Birth Documentation Measure Up?
There is Obama birth documentation indicating he was born in more than one place. This is not unexpected today due to the lack of confidence US citizenship proof in general. We come to accept that a person could have inconclusive or contradictory proof and get away with it. The birth certificate documentation you do see on the Internet will never measure up to what millions of Americans say they need for proof. This is a key item that helps make this issue persist. Americans detest unequal treatment. The intensity varies depending on what we see as unequal. It is strongest when it is about something integral to being an American such as citizenship.


Print and distribute health care information documentation to all your friends, give  business owners copies to make available at cash registers and literature booths, get your library to have copies available, hand them out to folks arriving at your town hall meetings, hand them out on the street, pin them on bulletin boards. Needs to be done today and everyday until bad health bills are defeated.

Dr. Manning

Violent Verbal Attacks And Blind Hate Snuffs Out Free Speech on HR 3962 at John Adler Town Hall

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

Independent business man stood in fear as his effort to ask a question is met with hate speech and violent verbal attacks during US Representative John Adler (D) in Willingboro New Jersey JFK Center on November 14, 2009. The question never asked centered on John Adler’s assessment of HR 3962’s protections over installation of health czars. This businessman, who’s name we are keeping anonymous at his request, is taking personal time to confront others and congressman over a deep concern of HR 3962’s damage to his business already badly hurt.

John F Kennedy Center Willingboro NJ Town Hall 11/14/09
John F Kennedy Center Willingboro NJ Town Hall 11/14/09

The Last Question
This was the last question. The Town Hall style was to form a line and you got the microphone for a generous amount of time.  All in the line would be heard using a “this isle is closed”  procedure. Personally I thought this approach trumps the speech controlled dehumanizing style at Rush Holt Town Halls. Those at the front of the line railed one by one at Adler for his no vote on HR 3962 claiming Willingboro’s contribution to unseating a Republican and his win in 2009. About 15 people talked against Adler with most avoiding substantive questions that might reveal any devils in the details. Some asked why vision care and dental care are not also included. The line took over one hour to process amid out of turn interruptions from protesters until this last unheard question on potential health czars came up.

Czar Word Becomes Kindle for Division
The czar word appears to have sparked the verbal rampage. Czar is a conservative colloquial for presidential appointments who have nebulous powers and flag the need for the Constitutional protection of Congressional approval. Czars were appointed by this President as well as previous Presidents in increasingly greater numbers. For conservatives, many of the Obama czars have public records tied to communism and Marxism creating great concern. For this reason some czars have left the White house positions and some are still under pressure. However all escape the checks and balances of our Constitution and are ignored by Congress. Tightening down on czar appointments needs to be a top item on selection of conservative candidates for 2010.

Watch Free Speech Crushed Only To Rise Again Among Patriots

Hate Speech Unabated By National Leaders
Hate speech, such as “teabagger” was hurled in neck vain popping threats at the lone voice attempting to question substance of HR 3962. Americans have struggled together to remove hate speech and move towards freedom to approach each other with dignity and respect. The Obama presidency has stopped those gains and appears to be fostering a regression to labeling people with hurtful terms only wanting to speak out. The President must address these labels and show a path of harmony to avoid chaos setting America back a 100 years in civility.

Our President is a highly educated person who appears unable to use that asset to rise above details like legislation and emerge as a true leader of all Americans. Rather he acts detached and unskilled at motivation and will  make his record one of undoing painfully won gains of removing hate terms regardless of any other accomplishments including health care. A passage of any legislation will not end what is now running a muck and fanned by community organizers helping his election.

Adler’s No Vote Because HR3962 Will Fail Unless Doctors Are Harnessed
Adler defended his no vote on grounds the bill did not go far enough. He argues the bill will fail because it does not include enough government intrusion to restrict health care costs. He explained the way doctors look at their work as a series of procedures needs change. He wants the Federal government to move your relationship with a doctor to a results process determined by Federal bureaucrats. I heard this echoed by US Rep Rush Holt (D) at 9/17/09 Town Hall [See Rush Holt How Democrats Will Destroy Medicare Medicaid time point 1:00]. Unless something like this is done, Adler claims, health care costs will continue to skyrocket and thus doom Democrats to a certain failure with this bill and thus all Americans in the same way as if the Constitution failed. To succeed Democrats need to take full control of the health system to manage the certain crisis that will ensure. This bill gives them and future Republicans that power.

John Alder Defends 1st Amendment
John Alder amid the chaos stopped the retreating businessman and encourages another attempt to exercise free speech. That was fundamental and missing in needed quantities over a change to America that is tantamount to rewriting the Constitution and indeed may require challenge on those grounds. Good work John even though we think you are about to vote for a monster doomed to fail – think about it and use the golden rule “less is more”. Plus all the other parts of your District that you said are telling you to vote no: Are you going to listen or just pushing through this boondoggling colossus of bureaucratic madness doomed to failure?

Fear Followed By Brave Mission
The self employed businessman retreated from the building in panic and fear. Regrouping and determined bravely returned to get his question answered. Adler had left to other items on his agenda. The businessman then engaged others who recognized him from the vicious shout out and a lively productive citizen debate broke out in the halls. Americans want to debate this bill and want to be sure it is right.

Willingboro Union Pressure on Adler
Protesters speaking in the town hall made it clear they do not care if this bill is right because they waited too long to make a change in health insurance and demanded Adler to vote yes on next pass. But the protesters are organized by unions masked as grass roots which have the most to gain from a Federal takeover of health care which includes a steady expansion of union drones to pay into union political boss coffers without any care of the health of Americans or freedoms whatsoever. The hurry is because if the horrible Pelosi bill fails they get nothing. They should protest her!

Americans Want Open Debate on HR 3962
Folks we met in the hall were genuinely interested to look at details and discuss them. The businessman was armed with quotations from HR 3962 as well as CBO reports to Charlie Rangle who handles IRS laws and who is under tax fraud investigation. Many in the discussion are not aware of these details and loved to discuss them. Some veterans, some strongly pro Government health care. All caring about the real problems in our overall top notch health care system. Protesters only had union printed signs with statements about personal instant gratification and attacks on business that employs their neighbors.



Print and distribute health care information documentation to all your friends, give  business owners copies to make available at cash registers and literature booths, get your library to have copies available, hand them out to folks arriving at your town hall meetings, hand them out on the street, pin them on bulletin boards. Needs to be done today and everyday until bad health bills are defeated.


Lance ObamaCare Protest Focuses Republicans as Failing Moderates

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

Citizen political activists hit the streets in Westfield NJ at Leonard Lance’s office to voice concerns over moderate voting occurring by Republicans. Pointing to the vote on Cap and Trade last June, protesters, also constituents, voiced a strong concern about the potential deals and offers that Republicans like Leonard Lance would get for a vote on government run health care.

Energetic ObamaCare Protestor Braves Busy Road at Leonard Lance Westfield Office
Energetic ObamaCare Protester Braves Busy Road at Leonard Lance Westfield Office

Leonard Lance is the US Congressional House of Representative for the Seventh District covering a large portion of Central New Jersey from its Eastern to Western borders.

Lance A No Vote On Health Care
Lance’s Deputy Chief of Staff Amanda Woloshen, assured protesters that the Lance would vote no on current health care legislation. She made the statement both publicly to the group outside his office as well as to individuals that accepted her offer to meet and discuss the issues inside where they were told the legislation is a single payer plot.

Lance Using Cost for No Vote Worries Constituents
Lance has expressed the importance of CBO (Congressional Budget Office) scoring being a key factor in any vote he makes. Woloshen provided a stack of local paper articles covering Lance’s statements on health care legislation spanning July to September where Lance opposes the health care legislation flatly on cost. However it is clear in these papers he has an interest in health care reforms via the Congress and thus the Federal Government. The most recent statement is dated 9/15/2009. Much has changed in Washington on health care that constituents are following closely.

Leonard Lance US House of Representative District 7 Westfield NJ Office
Leonard Lance US House of Representative District 7 Westfield NJ Office

Washington Hidden Gamesmanship
Protesters voiced serious concern that Lance may be swayed based on unpredictable cost estimates to allow another failed Democrat Party program like Medicare to be foisted on the American people and particularly on the producers. They pointed out their keen awareness of the gamesmanship occurring in Congress to split up the bills to hide the deficit increasing cost. They cited the many taxes and subterfuge fees and gimmicks to show revenue increases all disguised as tax increases and cuts they often blame as Republican motives. Linda Gerisi outlined the tax increases and cost cuts.

“But its only because they are tax increasing in order to raise the money and then they are cutting … Medicare. This is their rationale for getting it to be revenue neutral.”

Linda points to a recent example of the subterfuge.

“Plus what a lot of people don’t realize is that they took $300 billion dollars in cuts from the doctors out of Medicare … which was going to cost to bill more and all they did was sliced it out of the bill and put it into another bill.”

Protester Billy Baer clearly wants Lance to oppose ObamaCare on more than just cost issues.

“The idea that Lance’s vote is primarily based on the cost of it we think is going to create a real problem. Because if that is all its based on and not a philosophical opposition to the health care bill and the politics of the government taking  essentially what is going to amount to the government at some point taking over health care … he can be rolled very easy on this and he might even … use anything as cover to go along voting yes on this and that is our concern and that is why we are here today because we do not feel he is a solid vote on it.”

“If it is only based on cost, that could change. They’ll come out with a report, they’ll juggle the numbers, they’ll come in with some projections, they’ll … increase taxes on something and say it will not cost anything which is absolutely ridiculous. He needs to be standing up… against this bill on grounds other than the cost of it and that’s our concern.”

Republicans as Moderates Failing
A general theme was the lack of distinction the Republican party is making from the Democratic Party. Protesters made clear statements that there are no distinctions when Republicans act like moderates. Sarah Palin was mentioned as a key element in Senator John McCain receiving an uplift in polls during the 2008 presidential election. Based on declining Republican counts in both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives, this message may need careful attention by the RNC (Republican National Committee) for 2010 elections.

Probably this one theme has Republican constituents paying attention outside of elections rather than sitting home. They have lost trust in their party to protect them and their country from an onslaught by liberal controls. They are finding their own party capitulating to liberal programs under the assumption they will appeal to more voters when the reality is such voters are less inclined to vote for them for moderate views.

much has changed since in Washington

Obama G20 Zoorama Interrupts Beck Broadcast of Its Audience

By Alonzo Hosford

Friday September 25, 2009 shortly after 5 pm EST, the FOX cable channel Glenn Beck program featuring a citizen audience was preempted by a President Obama G20 professorial news conference.

Fox Cuts Beck Viewers For G20 Tripe
Fox Cuts Beck Viewers For G20 Tripe

Ordinarily you would expect a brief burp with the “more news at 6” refrain but it did not happen. Only choice was to turn off FOX and that is death if you lose audience members you plan to lead on through to other shows on the evening schedule.

The UN and G20 Zoorama Same Old Same Old Decades Old News

All week long viewers were subjected to the world leadership Zooarama at the United Nations and the G20. It did not matter if it was Drudge or ABC, you had your pick of international animals to watch at a safe distance and their sounds to hear or read. Most of us tuned it out other than to be reminded of the danger these attractions present. We have the gist and have had it for decades. The UN and G20 is a platform for those abhorrent to US citizen central values and goals and thus not interesting. Make it go away!

The Ugly Tube Of The Irrelevant

The tube and photos were dominated by dictators, mostly ugly, who run countries smaller than some of our States. These rouges lack competence to run a US township but are treated as having content that is relevant. Media worked hard to make it all meaningful and failed, FOX included. A week wasted diverting attention from the real threat in DC.

There were story attempts hinting at incompetence and the dash of world order fears hidden in speeches and in particular President Obama’s speeches. Even trying to make a story from Iranian strong man Mahmoud Ahmadinejad trading barbs with the Professor like President Obama over secret nuclear programs proved ho hum. No story. No news. We already know Iranian leaders will lie like Iraq leaders did. Why give Mahmoud air time. It does not matter if they are making nukes or rattling they are making nuke material. Unless strong action is taken, you live in fear and they persist.

Why Is FOX so Hot Recently?

We read almost daily on Drudge and hear on O’Reilly regularly how the FOX channel is beating all the rivals in the large corporate media world. Yet it is a world becoming irrelevant as media widens through the Internet where it is free of a narrow supply.

Its Hot Because of the People Stupid!

Beck’s Friday show kicked off with an audience of people in the current grassroots movement. He appeared to relinquish his bully pulpit time to the people working to make a change. They were there in person out of their daily lives to speak! They exposed their identities and went really on the record. They represent everyday good people who are offended by the international Zoorama reruns. They are the people who have helped FOX blow ratings through the roof in August into September. The rest of us are glued, like nothing else on, to hear them speak because they are us. They want to see their actions validated in the media and FOX played to that need in a filtered manner over the August Tea Party events. So folks tuned in to see if their actions were making stories and in the process faced with filtering a lot of meaningless content branded as fair and balanced.

Along Comes the Breaking News

Then in a blink and in the middle of great live viewer stories, FOX cuts to breaking news. The breaking news was a new face, the latest US President, on an old old story, the annual annoyance of the international follies with dictators heading the billing. Both needed the glory rush of their view of world order aired for those who fawn over them. The media gave it too them and we all yawned. Some expressed disgust at the interruption hit the clicker. I did after it was apparent the interruption was permanent. I checked back 5 minutes later and still the same. Click. Off. Wrote this.

FOX acted at the expense of its growing listeners who were on the air.

Media Dancing Into A Black Hole of Irrelevancy

The traditional corporate media is dancing at the threshold of a black hole. FOX has the best record holding back the pull using the gravity of people looking for validation of what they believe. Other channels are slowly disappearing into the void of irrelevancy. The media has a difficult time making the stories about the people because they do not fit their business model requirements. The people made the stories in the last few months and they want to hear them reported. FOX gives them some attention, the others did not at a high cost. That makes FOX a winner and listeners took what they could get.

Beck had the top story of Friday: the viewers live in the audience.

These stories about people taking action are in abundance. They are fresh and each offer unique slants unlike the world leader anti American refrains. Use them and you can pull away from the media void. Give them token attention and you orbit the media void. Ignore them, you fall into the media void.

Action You Need To Take

You can click on the contact link at the bottom of the FOX page and post your request to balance the news to be more about you and less about the irrelevant. Maybe be blunt about you, us, being pulled on Beck’s Friday program.

A better approach is to use your ultimate weapon over corporate media. This is turn it off and only turn it on if you find a reference from other sources such as radio, your favorite internet sites or social networking like Yahoo groups, Twitter and Facebook. Then selectively follow those leads and avoid being trapped in for the remainder of the programming. Beck runs a radio show. He tells you what will be on the air and so do others on FOX. Start there and if it seems irrelevant skip it. Working hard to get your attention like a web site needs to is how they improve at meeting your needs.

If you watch without selectivity or with the expectation of validation, you  are always going to be disappointed and angered. The media has many agenda’s to fill because the large corporate structures and interactions with government and sponsors. That ultimately is who they do need to serve.

Selectivity has already occurred with the media nearest to the void like CNN, ABC and MSNBC. You saw no validation in your views and turned them off. Do you sit in seats at the airport furthest from the many CNN tubes of nonsense? I do. You miss nothing and have a more pleasant trip.

Now I am not saying that FOX audience advocates like Beck and Hannity are to be turned off. You make that choice. However do not assume the entire FOX channel understands you the viewer that is making them great. They don’t but they show hope. Their agendas are motivated by business models that cannot be relied upon. Cutting to a Presidential news conference on old news about the ugly over you the viewer should be enough evidence that even the best like Beck are powerless to avert your disappointment and dashed expectations. Go figure out why they did it and you will find it was not for your interests.

Why ACORN Handouts Are Hurtful To Those In Need

By Alonzo Hosford

Obama, July 2008 stated “If you get a federal grant, you can’t use that grant money to proselytize to the people you help …”

Five offices of ACORN demonstrates how big Government handouts harms those in need failing them due to proselytizing for political ambitions and political power. Money without constraints allowed its employees to engage untethered in hurtful activities.

ACORN Handouts Hurtful To Those In Need
ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis Halts Handouts Hurtful To Those In Need

CEO Bertha Lewis and ACORN Executive Committee Should Step Down

CEO Bertha Lewis, ACORN president has taken a stance about the harm caused by a handful of employees.

“As a result of the indefensible action of a handful of our employees, I am, in consultation with ACORN’s Executive Committee, immediately ordering a halt to any new intakes into ACORN’s service programs until completion of an independent review.  I have also communicated with ACORN’s independent Advisory Council, and they will assist ACORN in naming an independent auditor and investigator to conduct a thorough review of all of the organizations relevant systems and processes.  That reviewer, to be named within 48 hours, will make recommendations directly to me and to the full ACORN Board.  We enter this process with a commitment that all recommendations will be implemented.”

This is the quintessential too little too late syndrome. Money was doled out, printed by the Government, borrowed from foriegners like the Chinese at 6% and piled into bank accounts for any type of activity legal or not.

Bertha Lewis is now in crisis mode, back peddling due to a lack of accountability and auditing standards. It shows her lack of CEO ability and she should step down along with the Executive Committee.

Compare ACORN to a food franchise. First standards need to be in place. Training to meet those standards. Visits by upper executives to franchise offices to reinforce those standards. Then you repeat this over and over.

How Systemic Is The ACORN Corruption?

The housing for pimps videos show a handful of employees at 15% or more offices. These offices cover the full range of the US territority; sea to shining sea. We can only assume 15% of the offices contain corruption nationwide. That large number that raises the question about corruption at the next level of managment if there is any.

The videos do not reveal the ongoing actions of those employees and their predecessors. They are just a snapshot of the potential.

The willful complicity of those few to corrupt the most vulnerable, illegal teenage girls, represents how dumping piles of money into the hands of liberal organizations to solve social problems leads to harm of those in need.

These individuals were emboldened to engage corruptly without fear of retribution of meeting operational guidelines. This had to come from the organization’s culture nurtured from the top and not necessarily from written set of standards and mission statement.

Obama Proselytizing Those He Promised To Help

President Obama was helped by ACORN support and his party rewarded ACORN with grants under the guise the organization helps those in need and our nation’s mortgage crisis.

Yet in discussing faith based Government grants he warned against using the money to proselytize the people you help.

This statement creates many questions about ACORN. Has the President’s election ambitions taken advantage of the people he promised to help in his election rhetoric? Is ACORN more focused on political agendas of those who approved their grants rather than on the people it was intended to help? In an effort to spend all the money, was ACORN willing to engage in illegal activities that could harm those in need?

My conclusion is the latter. Government runs on the idea of spending a budget. This is necessary to justify the same money next time plus a bump for inflation. That is the necessary goal of Government funding – spend it at any cost.

Why Government Run ACORN Handouts Failed?

When funds are too far removed from the source, their accountability disappears. Consider money given to a local organization from local donors or locals who worked as volunteers to raise the money. There is a lot of care on how that money is used representing the effort it was obtained and the local scrutiny that follows its use. Eagerness to report back to donors the accomplishments is automatic.

With the Federal Government, the money is not associated with anyone, diminishing the value of the money and thus the care for its deployment. No one cares about reporting back to those who forfeited the money to the tax man.

The Bottom Line of the ACORN Failure

Millions are suffering from foreclosures and ACORN was granted funds to help and failed these and many more. This is the liberal way with other people’s money from the days of housing projects: destroying lives and families.

Video Contradicts Reporter Borys Krawczeniuk On Nurse Tea Party Speech

By Alonzo Hosford

The Times Tribune reporter Borys Krawczeniuk September 11, 2009 characterizations of Nurse Laureen Cummings 9/10 Tea Party Express speech heard by over 1,000 people at the Lackawanna County Court House and Veterans Memorial Plaza where contradicted by video tape.

Scranton Tea Party Express Story By Borys Krawczeniuk
Over 1000 attend to hear Nurse Laureen Cummings

Borys hides Laureen Cummings address to crowd about respect for the Office of the President by injecting the crowd comments spurred by President Obama’s Health Care speech impugning those who disagree. Tapes reveal her statements of respect.

Borys, when Nurse Cummings explained to the audience that without a living will it is assumed in the medical field that you want every effort to save your life, stretched her statement to assume she was talking about the President’s view on living wills as something to allow people to die. He did not attempt to clarify with Nurse Cummings before making his assumption and the tape proves she did not mention the President.

Borys Krawczeniuk in a story on September 11, 2009  ignored Laureen Cummings clear message to Tea Party newbies that respectful patriotic opposition deserves respectful responses.

Laureen Cummings of Old Forge Quoted By Borys Krawczeniuk
Laureen Cummings of Old Forge Quoted By Borys Krawczeniuk

The  Borys quote of Cummings “Why would a president do this to the American people?”, at time point 1:32 in video below, left an unreferenced adjective ‘this’  not handled. The reader has no idea what ‘this’ means.  Rewind the tape below to 1:13 and you learn what ‘this’ means. Laureen preceded the Borys quote with “And the President had his speech last night. And he decided to call out Sarah Palin, Republicans and us, the American People.” Then she says “Why would a president do this to the American people?”

Borys focused on frustrated crowd members outbursts while discussing Laureen’s presentation. Crowd members were overwhelmingly newbies to protests as shown by a hand poll taken by Mark William; a human interest story The Times-Tribune reporters missed. Folks were there because of their frustration with Government minimizing their voice and are learning how to articulate by hearing qualified speakers like Laureen. Unskilled in messages, they often expressed strong statements from emotion.

Borys omits Laureen’s clear statement to the crowd about the objectives of Tea Party protests by saying “Even though he decided to say something humiliating about us, I’m going to tell him I respect his office and we have been very patriotic and we do not sit here and try to condemn the office of the President”. You can hear this at time point 1:41 in the video below.

Borys goes on to imply that Cummings “suggested Mr. Obama’s support of living wills amounted to allowing people to die rather than resuscitating them.” He was compelled to add another outburst from an unskilled crowd member standing next to him or a teammate who later admitted he was harmless and was apologetic. More so when you listen to the video above, Tom Zenker who expressed the sentiment, was no where near the speaker Cummings. The one sentiment you do hear is “Thank You” at time point 5:06 followed by a welcome from Laureen. That was about it on her interaction with the crowd on her comments about living wills. Cummings was expressing the voice of a qualified nurse. Tom Zenker could have been in another city as far as Cummings is concerned and perhaps so was the reporter.

Laureen, a nurse with experience with life and death, said “a living will  is only good when you are unable to tell someone what you want done for your care. If you don’t have one they do everything in their power to keep you alive and bring you back.” That is it. Nothing about the President.

Borys needs to revisit journalistic use of pronouns such as ‘this’ in quotes. They need a proper reference to the subject.

Further I strongly recommend The Times-Tribune should assign Borys Krawczeniuk to spend a week observing in a hospital where life and death situations occur with someone who cares for people like Laureen Cummings before he comments on living wills. Perhaps there is a story there in Scranton and something valuable to learn.

Is 9/8 Obama to School A Hidden Fear Over Failed Government Run Schooling?

By Alonzo Hosford

President Obama’s announced curriculum insertion into the 2009- 2010 school system on 9/8/2009 created opposition and wait and see support.

9/8/2009 Obama Speech To Public SchoolBreitbart reports “Obama’s planned address to students has prompted a surprising push-back from some quarters over what the White House sees as an important but innocuous topic.”

Some may see with the newly untested, unproven President Obama, any speech and curriculum suggestions as premature. What have you done that merits this injection? Prove yourself first! Respect is earned and winning an election is not enough to earn it.

Some go as far as fears of Nazi Germany’s educational motivations. That entailed delivering curriculum to schools like what is occurring on 9/8. Yet the Federal Department Of Education finds it hard to imagine how insertion of curriculum from a national level could create any commotion. The question with Government is always how much is too far and with Congress no longer policing the Administrative branch, these fears are worth attention. Apparently Government went too far as Department of Ed had to file edges off its curriculum content.

Others just have had enough with President Obama’s daily in your face self-promotional agenda and see this another extension of it. If anything, folks are sick of the “All My Obama”  soap reruns over and over.

The Call For Hope for Students In A Failed Government Run School System

The refined message is designed to motivate students who, in the view of Obama and his administration, have lost hope and feel isolated as the President claims about himself.

Perhaps what parents are really upset about is the dismal failure the Government Run Schools in the US have for so many children and young adults.

Failure of Government Run Schools is not an indictment of public school teachers mind you as in every organization of this size there are the good, the bad and the ugly, mostly good in this case stuck like parents and students in a failed system. Student failures are a consequence of the system; the public system; the Government Run School System. Public is just a misleading a word implying it has to be Government run.

Parents have witnessed indignities of seeing curriculum, text books, patriot rituals, religious freedoms and activities affronted by removing parental control. Moreover they have seen their own children’s lives and futures destroyed by the system. Many poor parents, unable to see the causes of failure and if they do certainly powerless to do anything about them. They surely have lost hope.

The US Department of Education Mapping America’s Educational Progress 2008 shows in year 2006 the Government Run Schools totaled 98,905. Government Run Schools making adequate progress was at 70% or 64,546. Government Run Schools in need of improvement 10,676 and 2,302 Governement Run schools a disastrous wasteful place for any young person to spend their days preparing for a future. Lucky ones are in the adequate progressing schools.

And we spend a lot for a few States that have horrible inner city school failures destroying hope.

Top Per Student Spending 2005
Top Per Student Spending 2005

A Government Run School system is prey to all types of political groups. They masquerade as teacher unions, particularly the leaders, environmentalists and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Not that they are good or bad, but that they have a Government system to attack, influence and control for their own interests. Not good for students, parents and teachers.

Consider the American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten President comment in the Brietbart report

“The bottom line is we need the president of the United States of America to use his bully pulpit to talk to kids about the importance of education and to help inspire kids”- Randi Weingarten President American Federation of Teachers

Are we suggesting the students can overcome the Government Run School System failings with a motivational speech from anyone? Does Randi Weingarten see the Government Run School system a place a student merely needs to be self-motivated after being inspired by political figures to succeed?

Motivational speech may go like this:  “We know your school sucks and is ‘adequate’ at best, you have a good chance to drop out, the teacher may have no control in the classroom because we took away that power as well as your parent’s power and we do not know where the money goes to provide you with the best, but chin up and you can still make something out of it – look at me a popular political personality – have hope.”

Take Back the Schools

The American School System is lacking one key item. This is the ingenuity and productivity of the American People. Innovative solutions, unattainable in a stodgy manipulated Government System, need to occur to correct the international declining position our best students have as well as putting a stop to the destruction of young lives trapped in the system.

American people work well with choices. To have choice, you need to have power. Our Constitution provides that power. However forfeited that power in the schooling.

Educational choice is taken away as taxes and given to a politically motivated Government Run System to make the choices. That is everyone’s choice: parents, students and teachers.

The reverse is to attach the funds we raise as a community to the children. This gives parents their Constitutional power of choice to select the schooling that they find best for their children.  This lets educators and teachers innovate and deliver education parents want and reflects changes in communities. With 98,905 schools, there is more than enough to meeting multiple needs rather than try to make one system fits all approach with a record of wrecking too many lives.

To understand how this works follow this John Stossel 20/20 presentation

Its not just people uneasy about the President addressing students even if he is unproven. Its about the Government Run System and how much Government we can take in education and a speech and curriculum from the President may be just the more parents cannot take and many teachers are in a wait and see mode. Students are just the playing piece.

Get Informed and Unite With Group for Free School Choice

It may seem impossible to turn the monstrous implanted Government Run School System around. You can if you take action even if you children have long grown, to help their children and protect freedom. Here are some places to start.

Good resource: Parent’s Guide to Education Reform