How Will History Judge Dianne Feinstein? Sacking a Nation of Free People

By Lon Hosford

Intellectuals and pseudo intellectuals like to warn us about how “history will judge us.” It is an elitist statement that make everyone think they understand history and how it will play out. They emit superiority over something that there is no evidence or even the facts of history repeating something in the past. Its to render all rational argument of common sense inert.

Senator Feinstein - Dianne Feinstein on Bush-Era Torture:
Senator Feinstein – Dianne Feinstein on Bush-Era Torture: “History Will Judge Us” If We Don’t Say “Never Again”

Dianne Feinstein on Bush-Era Torture: “History Will Judge Us” If We Don’t Say “Never Again”

In reality history filters down the day to day mundane stuff like torturing your enemies into dust blown away and forgotten as irrelevant.

How will history remember Senator Dianne Feinstein?

Again it is hard to tell what makes history books, but it could be for Feinstein being part of the Congresses that lead to the demise of a Nation. That is what history will remember about her as part of a corrupt group of politicians sacking from inside a nation free people for their own sustenance and solidifying their life long job of holding an elective office and not going back to the private life after a reasonable period of time.

Lets hope we survive this internal onslaught and overcome the damage.

Feinstein an Old Blood Democrat Statist

Fresh blood is needed and it may take the total collapse of California for old dogs like Feinstein to succumb in an election. In many ways these old Democrats remind me of the Soviet Union Communist party members at the high level near the fall of the party’s control over Eastern Europe and Russia. They were all very old and being preserved by brute force of their party. In her case it is the brute force of a superior attitude and lack of any humility that she in fact may be part of the problem she claims to exist. However like the fall of the Soviet Union Communist Party’s grip slowly eroded by their own failures while they still continued to point the decline was due to their own failure or being a supportive part of it.