How Will History Judge Dianne Feinstein? Sacking a Nation of Free People

By Lon Hosford

Intellectuals and pseudo intellectuals like to warn us about how “history will judge us.” It is an elitist statement that make everyone think they understand history and how it will play out. They emit superiority over something that there is no evidence or even the facts of history repeating something in the past. Its to render all rational argument of common sense inert.

Senator Feinstein - Dianne Feinstein on Bush-Era Torture:
Senator Feinstein – Dianne Feinstein on Bush-Era Torture: “History Will Judge Us” If We Don’t Say “Never Again”

Dianne Feinstein on Bush-Era Torture: “History Will Judge Us” If We Don’t Say “Never Again”

In reality history filters down the day to day mundane stuff like torturing your enemies into dust blown away and forgotten as irrelevant.

How will history remember Senator Dianne Feinstein?

Again it is hard to tell what makes history books, but it could be for Feinstein being part of the Congresses that lead to the demise of a Nation. That is what history will remember about her as part of a corrupt group of politicians sacking from inside a nation free people for their own sustenance and solidifying their life long job of holding an elective office and not going back to the private life after a reasonable period of time.

Lets hope we survive this internal onslaught and overcome the damage.

Feinstein an Old Blood Democrat Statist

Fresh blood is needed and it may take the total collapse of California for old dogs like Feinstein to succumb in an election. In many ways these old Democrats remind me of the Soviet Union Communist party members at the high level near the fall of the party’s control over Eastern Europe and Russia. They were all very old and being preserved by brute force of their party. In her case it is the brute force of a superior attitude and lack of any humility that she in fact may be part of the problem she claims to exist. However like the fall of the Soviet Union Communist Party’s grip slowly eroded by their own failures while they still continued to point the decline was due to their own failure or being a supportive part of it.


Reid Senate Health Bribes Senselessly Sentence 180,000 Americans To Death

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

“Dirty” Harry Reid is now on Santa’s naughty list for allowing 180,000 Americans to die in the next 4 years. Working feverishly to bribe US Senators to close debate on a health plan at 1 AM Monday December 21st Harry got  60 Democrat Senators to sentence 180,000 Americans without health insurance to die in the next 4 years. The Senators closed debate when Ben Nelson (D-NE) accepted a bribe for his consent to these deaths.

60 Democrats Leave 180,000 Americans to Die
60 Democrats Sentence 180,000 Americans to Die

Congress Health Bills Let Americans Die
Lacking in jubilation and covered with solemnity, Senate leader “Dirty” Harry Reid, announced the last bribe to Ben Nelson and the success to close debate. In his victory remarks he outlined a Harvard study that reported 45,000 Americans without health insurance died in 2009.

Using these unchallenged results means in 4 years 180,000 Americans will die without health insurance because the bills in both the Senate and House Of Representatives do not provide coverage for 4 years. Additionally they do not cover all uninsured Americans. Add to that thousands and thousands lacking access will have contracted illnesses that will lead to their premature deaths or diminished quality of life by the time they are “entitled” to free health insurance.

Congress: America Pay Now And Die Now!
In order to make the Senate and House of Representative bills budget friendly, Congress needs to collect taxes in advance of offering health insurance to those without it and who are dying as claimed by the Reid quoted Harvard report. This is because they have created such a bloated solution without the money to pay for it now. That budget problem is left to the future where realities of free health services runs a muck as does all government freebies. Get ready younger generation for the largest cost to your pockets and freedom to pay for this monster.

Simple Cheap Life Saving Solution
Rather than rush such a complicated and bloated plan to fix health care costs for the long term and allowing the claimed deaths to mount, there is a compassionate solution. During the American Christmas season, we have a tradition that does not let us pass a street Santa or overlook a charity to share our fortunes. Many do this year round.

There is no accounting system that tracks who has or does not have health insurance and needs any help. All we have are letters received by Congress representatives that are read without statistical credence. The numbers we do hear are statistically computed in academia think tanks and thus range widely based on assumptions. However 12 million is  a solid number that includes those most in need.

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Congress could cover these 12 million folks for $30 billion per year. Quadruple to 48 million and you have $120 billion per year.  Considering the trillions of Congressional spending these amounts are the same as dropping a few bucks in the Santa pot on the street. In fact we already have the funds allocated unspent from the $787 billion stimulus bill. Half or $360 billion is still in our pocket or the Chinese bankers’ pockets. Already enough to pay 10 years of health insurance for these 12 million uninsured Americans and a long way for the others however you do the math to total them up.

Sadly, Harry Reid as a part of 60 Democrat party Senators walked past that Santa pot with their wallets closed but stuffed with funds and looked away at their Christmas gift for themselves brightly displayed in the store window: full control over American’s health and bodies creating the foundation to regulate every aspect of human activity in America.

Is It Communism?
Even if there is a humane solution at hand Communists will take a different route when gaining control is at stake. The need to subjugate who they rule when they have a higher priority. Allowing folks to die is part of the process. Like the chicken on your table, you do not see the deaths but they will occur as Harry says, 10 every 10 minutes.

The American way is not that and not communism. We recognize instantly the choices and will sacrifice the prize, no matter how great, to stop and help those in need first; its heroic. We do not have that in the Congress and surprising not in one Democrat Senator. Sadly it is communism and lacks a hero.

Harry Reid and likely many Democrat Senators have no or weak religious beliefs and may disdain the Christmas tradition altogether. In the Santa story they are all on the bad list passing up an opportunity to provide health insurance to 12 million people and being generous as Americans are, many many millions more, as a Christmas present to be opened immediately and not after 180,000 of them die waiting. That is something that would have bound all representatives in Congress and thus all Americans in a joyous Christmas of Peace.

Update: December 28th  Its Called Communism on Canada Free Press: Once you read about it you start getting it.

Obama Birth Certificate Part Of A Citizenship Issue That Cannot Go Away

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

Challenging a sitting President on eligibility is outside the comfort level of most Americans because we assume that such an item is fully vetted beforehand. However the Obama eligibility under Article II Section 1 of the US Constitution persists. The issue is that Obama was not born in the US and thus is not eligible to be President.  Folks pursuing this issue are called birthers: a label now an official word in the Oxford Dictionary defined as “a conspiracy theorist who challenges President Obama’s U.S. birth certificate.”

Born In Two Places
Citizenship a Key Conservative Issue Starting With Leadership

Oxford Birther Definition Narrow Minded
The Oxford definition is narrow and disappointing. Set aside the technical blunder defining a powerful concept and limiting to one individual makes you think Oxford just wants another entry for the word Obama to generate links and subtle Obama promotion. But I digress with a disdain for the educated smug destroying their own reputations. The Oxford definition escapes the citizen sentiment crossing a wider citizenship issue spectrum. Who is a US citizen and who is not a US citizen is a growing problem. Birthers also question border enforcement, immigration laws, illegal immigration and importantly amnesty. Obama’s situation is likely a poster child for that sentiment.

Are You A Citizen?
It’s getting hard to tell. If you are a producer and perhaps one with productive assets, the highest quality citizen proof is demanded to move ahead. If you are a taker or “too small to tax”, it is easy to slide under radar with minimal quality documentation, forged documentation or none at all. If you only have read about false documentation and believe that is not doable, it is probably you are isolated from real life situations dealing with these folks and only get your information from media. It happens and government fails, as usual, to police it.

Birthers Are Not Satisfied
The birther issue is still strong enough to challenge elected officials in public events. One example was in Washington DC on November 11th 2009 where Republican representative Scott Garrett was questioned about the political stance on the birther issue. As the discussion got rolling you can see audience opening up a suppressed concerned. Consider this was in a day and meeting where HR 3962 was a focus!

Speaking Boldly
Then you have ostentatious presentations by community leaders who are uncomfortable with the perils they see for our Constitution. Consider Dr. James David Manning words in Harlem to his congregation on the birthing issue as a part of overall constitutional issues. You might assume Dr. Manning is more about marketing himself to his congregation, but if you strip out motives and merely consider his words, you find them too difficult to refute and are left with attacking the man.

Democrats and Illegal Immigration
Democrats would love nothing more to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants. They also do not want to make changes on the borders to prevent what has lead to the high illegal levels. So the problem will continue and perhaps legislation will provide an automatic mechanism to circumvent vetting new citizens.
Should Democrats prevail, perhaps the law will contain more relaxed definitions of what proves birth in US and the Obama birther issue may be legislated away creating anecdotal proof for birthers that there is a conspiracy cover up.

Does Obama Birth Documentation Measure Up?
There is Obama birth documentation indicating he was born in more than one place. This is not unexpected today due to the lack of confidence US citizenship proof in general. We come to accept that a person could have inconclusive or contradictory proof and get away with it. The birth certificate documentation you do see on the Internet will never measure up to what millions of Americans say they need for proof. This is a key item that helps make this issue persist. Americans detest unequal treatment. The intensity varies depending on what we see as unequal. It is strongest when it is about something integral to being an American such as citizenship.


Print and distribute health care information documentation to all your friends, give  business owners copies to make available at cash registers and literature booths, get your library to have copies available, hand them out to folks arriving at your town hall meetings, hand them out on the street, pin them on bulletin boards. Needs to be done today and everyday until bad health bills are defeated.

Dr. Manning

220-215 Donkeys vs Conservatives Round One and The Movement Forward

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

Conservatives mounted an unprecedented citizens opposition to the US House Nancy Pelosi health care legislation. The rebuff effort has run 4 solid months from the last weeks in July to the November 7th vote and is regrouping to continue for as long as it takes. The US House passed HR 3962 with a 220-215 vote on a Saturday in the wee evening hours. The 215 represent the work of our conservative activism demonstrating our power to persuade. It was an awesome showing.

Democrats Add New Load To Government and the People
Democrats Add New Load To Government and the People

Trapped Like Rats
We knew they would pass some health care legislation. Democrats had to because their leader, Nancy Pelosi, had them trapped like rats. If any opposed it, the wrath of their own party will come down on the next election. If they supported it, the wrath of the people they face and that does not look good either. In fact it is less clear and definable in the Washington opaque bubble and so most ignored it and blindly voted yes.

Citizen Conservative Opposition Redoubling
The citizen opposition and activism is on a learning curve since the first tea party events in April and July. Folks learned they had nothing to fear to attend those and hold a sign and support the speakers.

Many have broken off into action groups and just act, period, and some act daily. We have the tea party groups. We have small unaffiliated groups meeting in homes and taking action. We have some national groups independent of parties such as We have many who are ready to drop at a hat and take action. [See Don’t Make Us Come Back: Tea Party Minutemen To Washington DC]  These folks need more direction to the infected areas: the congressman and senators door steps in DC, local offices and homes; and often.

November 5th, activists learned in mass how to approach the House offices in DC. [See Kill The Bill: House Calls Put Congress Offices Under Siege] I know one activist who likes to remain unnamed was down in the House Office building again Saturday all day and night lobbying. Now I want to be there next round with a sleeping bag if  necessary. This person called me a few times for help in researching facts on HR3962. This person then confronted Congressmen and aides in the battle.

After I outlined this piece this morning I received two emails talking about next actions their groups were taking. One was particularly detailed and I will append to the end here for you to review.

Is All Lost – No We Have A Long Way To Go
Sure the House vote was a  legislative defeat. The original founders fought many battles and lost. They may have lost them all from what I recall in history classes, but they persisted to win the greatest victory in the history of civilization – individual freedom. Persistence and stamina are keys to success to take defeats to victories.  The fight just got traction a dozen weeks back. We are newbies on the block. Making conservatism the mainstream of government is going to take a long time of many battles to wear down the radical progressives as we did with the English King.

Senate Health Care Battle
The Senate fight over health legislation still remains. There lies the chance to stop this health legislation or to make it less intrusive and less powerful. At least we must make it a painful victory for the other side. This means for New Jersey a statewide focus on the Senators Lautenberg and Menendez. However, there is also going to be an important interstate effort on  Senators from other states believed we can influence.

2010 Elections
We have the 2010 elections that require immediate attention. Primaries are soon and candidate choices are on us now. These are votes that do count. In the long run, the bills like the health bill will require power to change the oppressive parts and powers given to the administrative branch that overseas your health care options and costs. These votes are also how we are going to fight battles to slowly dismantle the oppressive progressive government we now have and will be bigger by 2012, the next national election.

National 10 + 10 Conservative Network
You need to create groups of 10 that meet regularly from weekly to no less that twice monthly to discuss the issues and coordinate team actions doable within the group and items to support larger groups like you have with tea party protests. Each member of the group should also be hosting one group with a different set of 9 people. There is a movement on the way for this that you can link your group into and we can have the power of millions nationwide networked for instant action and solidarity.

Minuteman Force In DC
We need a conservative minuteman force in the House and Senate offices in DC. They need to be a lobbying force with an ostentatious presence. If needed they need to be there daily and we should get support from Republicans on how to play the game and then improve on that.

Addendum – Example Plan In  Action Received by Email Today

Dear Concerned Citizens,

In an odd way many of us have been waiting for the House to pass this atrocious and deceptive healthcare bill. As groups, we are already energized. But we knew that nothing could elevate our energy to irrepressible heights more than a massive overreach by Washington. One that can still be stopped. Well, we got everything we wanted on a silver platter.

Late Saturday Night, November 7th, Nancy Pelosi handed us the single greatest boost of the entire Obama saga! In a 215 – 210 squeeker, Democrats and , John Dingell the sole Republican, passed HR 3962. In her frenzied house chamber, Nancy’s Pyrrhic victory unwittingly fired “the shot heard round the world.” Americans are more galvanized than ever! And here is the plan moving forward.

Step one: Objective: Remove from office all Blue Dog Dems who voted in favor in swing districts by flooding their districts with selected pages from HR 3962 accompanied by clear explanations of the consequences and letting them know their representative voted for this.

A. Will someone please volunteer to identify those Blue Dog Dems in the house who voted in favor and are not in “safe districts?”

Step two: Objective: Notify HR 3962 proponents in the Senate that we are exposIng the bill and all who are planning to vote for it.

B. Will please help identify Senate members to best target?

Step three: Objective: Complete and assemble materials to be forwarded and posted nationwide and accumulate network notification lists.

C. Several people are now designing a flyer that will contain pages from the actual bill, explanatory notes and a covering email.

Step four: Objective: To create a door to door nationwide transparency program exposing HR 3962.

D. Once the flyers are completed, we will ask everyone to forward them to everyone they know; pass the email on and; print 10 copies. Hand out 5 to individuals and neighbors and tack 5 copies on local community boards such as a local supermarket or laundramat.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Several of us have already spoken to representatives in DC, no names mentioned, and they think it is a fantastic idea. Anyone who can help getting FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity onboard, please step up!!!!

Target dates:

* Flyer creation will be completed by Sunday evening, Nov 8

* Lists being accumulated today Sun., Nov. 8

* Blasts out by Monday, Nov 9 at 5 PM EST

* Door to door campaign and public postings November 11th – 13th.

Please forward this to all patriots to get ready!

Don’t Make Us Come Back: Tea Party Minutemen To Washington DC

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

A unexpected minuteman force assembled in Washington DC on November 5th 2009 with the sound threat of “Don’t Make Us Come Back Again”. How far will we need to go?

Minutemen Descend On Moments Notice To DC
Minutemen Descend On Moments Notice To DC

A Highly Mobile Rapid Response Force
They came on a moment’s notice from all across the United States by plane, car, bus, train (even on the financial failure called Amtrak) and on foot (from local office buildings) to oppose US Government take over of every American’s health and the radical loss of freedom to bureaucrats.

Months Planning 9/12 To Days for 11/5
The DC Tea Party rally on 9/12 took two or more months of planning at local levels for participants as well as a central level for the permits and speakers in DC. No one could expect that a ready force could muster an event in less than 72 hours with massive impact. And it may go unheeded for the House health bill! Yet such a nationwide rapid response is intimidating for any elected official in 2010.

American Revolution Minuteman Reinvented
The minutemen were among the first people to fight in the American Revolution. They were organized as a fast response to threats in the American Revolution. Folks showing up on 11/5 in DC would not think of themselves as these early patriots, but they are just that, a new minuteman militia armed with freedoms. They did not carry muskets. They came with a weapon won by fighters like the minutemen, the freedom of speech. They used it as powerfully and with the swiftness of the minutemen.

America Hijacked By Career Politicians!
The more I attend events, the more I hear that our Government under a single party rule is destroying the foundation of the nation, violating the Constitution and taking actions not to protect people and freedom but to preserve the Democrat party’s power. This is a hijack of America by career politicians.

The motive to preserve power is based on a power gotten under media populism and not under supportable principles. The Democrats know their ideas and programs are unsupportable, fail in colossal magnitudes and are easily defeated in open debate.

Nancy Pelosi Squelches Freedom Of Speech
We know Nancy Pelosi will not allow publishing  an over 2,000 page highly legalistic technical and oppressive bill for Americans to read. This denies the freedom to review for appeal to their representative any parts or all of the bill that they do not agree should be passed. Certainly the representatives need that input just based on the size and complexity of language.

[UPDATE: HR 3962 available to read at the 11th hour but besides its technical legal nature and cross references to existing bills like those for Medicaid and Medicare, it also does not include the IRS penalties and taxes you may need to pay if you do not comply. See “Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail“.]

Many representatives admit they do not have the capacity to read and understand it. The $787 billion stimulus bill was passed this way and it failed to produce jobs. We have 10.2% unemployment and that does not count idled independent contractors and those who are now off unemployment roles or working in lesser pay or part time jobs bringing the number to 17.5%. Bad bills are rushed through so they cannot be aired – get it!

Will We Need The Right to Bear Arms?
This is an affront on the free speech and shows a fear to air unsupportable ideas and programs. Free speech is the first weapon people have in their arsenal against Government. If it is blocked or minimized, the next weapon is the right to arms. That talk has started because the most ostentatious effort to show that a majority of Americans do not want this bill or any like it is not being addressed by Democrat elected representatives. People only have one avenue left if future votes cannot remove those who oppose the will of the people. Don’t open that door, listen to this and stop the rush to political insanity.

Minuteman responding 5:30 am to Call To Go To DC
Minuteman responding 5:30 am to Call To Go To DC
highly mobile, rapidly deployed force