Borys Krawczeniuk on Kenneth Gladney Identifying Him as a Black Without A Name

By Alonzo Hosford

The Times Tribune reporter Borys Krawczeniuk on September 11, 2009  identified a speaker at the September 10th Tea Party Express event as a black with no name and misses a compelling story.

Scranton Tea Party Express Story By Borys Krawczeniuk
Over 1000 attend to hear Kenneth Gladney

Here is what Borys Krawczeniuk writes as a focus on race in a political event open to everyone without any exclusivity.

Kenneth Gladney Unemployed Turned Businessman Tells Story Of Public Beating By SEIU Members

Borys needed to use the word black twice, one time after a singer openly declared his heritage, so readers were not missing a race component.

Borys could have, with some research, learn all about the Kenneth Gladney story. However he would not find anything about Kenneth’s story in his own newspaper The Times-Tribune because if you search the web site you come up with nothing because the paper did not report the story.

No Story On Kenneth Gladney in The Times-Tribune
No Story On Kenneth Gladney found in searching The Times-Tribune

Kenneth Gladney Was Publicly Beaten By SEIU Members.  It was important for Borys to mention Kenneth’s skin color, but Kenneth’s name was an important fact overlooked. More egregious is no effort to listen to Kenneth and realize he has a story that also can be easily researched on the internet. Kenneth is one of the unemployed not likely to return to work for 2 or 3 years. Faced with no prospect of a job turned to capitalism. While running his business, Kenneth was badly beaten in his efforts. His story is worth repeating, his business not withstanding.

Borys observation that the crowd was mostly white, or could have he said the crowd contained some blacks. This attitude mimics news reporting focus on race and skin color rather than American heritage. Honestly what is Borys’ point about skin color? Can the paper say it directly! Is it about the citizens of Scranton? Is The Times-Tribune a paper about the various American heritages?

Still not clear on the skin color of Lloyd Marcus after he said “not an African-American” but “an American”, Borys clarified for readers Lloyd’s skin color with “Lloyd Marcus, a black singer on the tour”. Lloyd appears to think of himself as African-American, one of the many great heritages that make up the Country. You can enjoy Lloyd’s creative work here and more at his web site.

Scranton deserves a better understanding of the composition of Americans and The Times-Tribune can be a leader for that “conversation” with some cultural training for Borys Krawczeniuk. Its about American heritage and the beauty of how it makes being an American refreshing and not divisive.

$10 Gadsden Flags Raise $2,200 For USO At Morristown NJ Tea Party

By Alonzo Hosford

Morristown Tea Party Labor Day September 7, 2009 event speaker Tom Adkins spontaneously raised $2,200 for the USO.Tom Adkins auctioned two $10.00 Gadsden Flags to a crowd over 5,000 people.

Gadsden flag
Gadsden flag

The first flag was offered at the start of his talk to honor those who serve in the armed services. Later Tom got a request to repeat the flag fund raising effort from anonymous person who served on the USS Ronald Regan.

The first flag was auctioned for $1,000 matched by Tom with $500. The winner of the auction, only identified himself as Ken, noted before becoming an American he was a Brit. Ken bumped the bidding from $650 to $1,000 just after Tom offered a $500 match if the bidding reached $1,000. Ken relinquished the flag and requested the flag to be carried to Washington DC on 9/12/09.

Video Story Of $1,500 Gadsden Flag USO Donation

[ 9/18/09 Follow-up]

In a brief email from Tom Adkins, he said “It’s really strange…I decided to do this on the spur of the moment. I was actually shocked to get a bid that high. I actually expected maybe $100. And a better man couldn’t have won the bid. A Brit who moved here because he loved America!!! Does it get any better than that?”

After Tom concluded his presentation, an encore request from the person who served on the USS Ronald Reagan started another auction. The auction for the USO donation concluded with two women, only identified by first names, joining forces to raise $700 for the second Gadsden flag. During the bidding a crowd cheer erupted when Tom observed “She is counting her money, I love this lady. That is a good American. They count their money before they spend it.”

Video Story Of $700 Gadsden Flag USO Donation

The event is one in a series of model Tea Parties hosted by The Morristown Tea Party organization that in addition to leading conservative speakers, offers patriotic activities such as information booths loaded with information on bills in Congress, family activity center, constitutional signing, 911 displays and patriotic musicians. To hear all speakers at the event visit the organization’s YouTube site.



The USO is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the troops by providing morale, welfare and recreation-type services to our men and women in uniform. You can make a donation at their site.

Flemington NJ 9/12 DC Tea Party Bus Beached

By Alonzo Hosford

Lacking communication over pickup instructions, Flemington NJ Tea Party bus was beached 1 hour and 15 minutes on road delaying departure for the 9/12 DC Tea Party Rally. Swift action got the bus extricated in plenty of time to make the event.

Arriving early, 5:15 am, the driver of the chartered bus arranged by the Fleminton NJ Tea Party did not get the instruction not to enter the parking lot where riders would park there cars. Organizers worried that the entrance would not suit a bus and their prediction proved correct.

A few riders had arrived before the bus and I was one. As in all Tea Party activities you meet new patriots. This was no different as we stood near our cars making new acquaintances in the drizzly rain in the dark under parking lot lights.

The parking lot was a good 1000 feet back from the road down a dark entrance when we saw the lights of the bus and then heard the fateful sound of rubber spinning without traction.

Photo Story

As we  hurried towards the bus headlights down the drive thinking the unthinkable happened and it did. The bus was inextricably lodged with driver’s side caught on the driveway’s embankment border, actually flatting it into a muddy slide. The rear was tilted enough that the other side’s undercarriage was dug into the apex of the roadway. Moving forward the driver side wheels spun in the mud. Moving in reverse the other side’s wheels spun. So much for limited slip differential.

Early bus riders found wood along the road and used it to attempt a rescue only to be rewarded with the smell of burning rubber and wood. Meantime the many riders arrived and lined the road with their cars before the morning light. Their headlights shined in the light drizzle.

A muddy back road was found to the blocked parking lot and a decision was made to get the cars parked for safety and the optimism the bus would be freed. Riders drove their cars down a dirt road you might find on a farm with many large holes filled with water in a pitch black night. From SUVs to the tiniest of sub compacts slipped through the tree lined rutted path.

Eventually the State Police and a towing service arrived. With brute force the bus was dragged over the apex of the road surface and freed.

Riders already lined up along the unlit road with protest signs, chairs, ice chests, children and unbounded anticipation boarded within seconds of the freed bus.

Taking pictures I still had not unloaded my items from my car and made a mad rush back down the 1000 or so feet to get my belongings and was one of the last to board ahead of standby riders.

Standby riders stood in the drizzle and boarded finally about 6:30 am. It turned out the original reserved bus was substituted with a larger more posh bus, compliments of the bus company Transbridge.

Tea Party Express – Scranton PA 9/10/2009

By Alonzo Hosford

The Tea Party Express stop at Scranton Pennsylvania on 9/10/2009 was filled with newcomers taking their first steps to joining the protests against too much government. Location was on property with the Lackawanna County Courthouse and beautiful patriotic monuments of Veterans Memorial Plaza.

The event was very patriotic, peaceful and energetic. When the crowd was asked how many this was their first event, over 1/2 raised their hands.You can see this in a vast array of creative signs folks made with the heart and souls for the event. See photo story below.

Laureen Cummings of Old Forge addressed the President’s health care plea before joint sessions of Congress. “Why would a President do this to the American people”, she asked. Sentiments from the crowd of common citizens could only answer with concepts of a tyrant, communism and socialism in the face of an attack on the people by its own government. The hidden answer conservative analysts is about saving a failing Presidency.

Speaker Mark Williams who hosts the radio show On Air, On Line and On Demand!, clarified Laureen’s questions with President Obama’s past associations and present White House Czars with avowed beliefs in Marism, socialism and communism. Mark warned the people are “under attack from within.”

The Photo Story

Video Story

On the day the event a Senate committee voted to cancel major military projects: a combat search-and-rescue helicopter, a presidential helicopter and a missile-defense project called Kinetic Energy Interceptor.  John F Kennedy warns against such cuts on a granite memorial at Lackawanna Court House foundation on grounds where event was held.

From Tea Party Express Scranton PA

I decided to cross the street to take pictures of the buses without obstacles. I saw a bagel shop with this sign. I bought a multigrain with lite cream cheese.

From Tea Party Express Scranton PA

Later I suggested to SEIU protesters after they chanted “Health Care Now”, they could have health care now by crossing the street and taking a job. Bagel shop proprietor was offering health care.

Is 9/8 Obama to School A Hidden Fear Over Failed Government Run Schooling?

By Alonzo Hosford

President Obama’s announced curriculum insertion into the 2009- 2010 school system on 9/8/2009 created opposition and wait and see support.

9/8/2009 Obama Speech To Public SchoolBreitbart reports “Obama’s planned address to students has prompted a surprising push-back from some quarters over what the White House sees as an important but innocuous topic.”

Some may see with the newly untested, unproven President Obama, any speech and curriculum suggestions as premature. What have you done that merits this injection? Prove yourself first! Respect is earned and winning an election is not enough to earn it.

Some go as far as fears of Nazi Germany’s educational motivations. That entailed delivering curriculum to schools like what is occurring on 9/8. Yet the Federal Department Of Education finds it hard to imagine how insertion of curriculum from a national level could create any commotion. The question with Government is always how much is too far and with Congress no longer policing the Administrative branch, these fears are worth attention. Apparently Government went too far as Department of Ed had to file edges off its curriculum content.

Others just have had enough with President Obama’s daily in your face self-promotional agenda and see this another extension of it. If anything, folks are sick of the “All My Obama”  soap reruns over and over.

The Call For Hope for Students In A Failed Government Run School System

The refined message is designed to motivate students who, in the view of Obama and his administration, have lost hope and feel isolated as the President claims about himself.

Perhaps what parents are really upset about is the dismal failure the Government Run Schools in the US have for so many children and young adults.

Failure of Government Run Schools is not an indictment of public school teachers mind you as in every organization of this size there are the good, the bad and the ugly, mostly good in this case stuck like parents and students in a failed system. Student failures are a consequence of the system; the public system; the Government Run School System. Public is just a misleading a word implying it has to be Government run.

Parents have witnessed indignities of seeing curriculum, text books, patriot rituals, religious freedoms and activities affronted by removing parental control. Moreover they have seen their own children’s lives and futures destroyed by the system. Many poor parents, unable to see the causes of failure and if they do certainly powerless to do anything about them. They surely have lost hope.

The US Department of Education Mapping America’s Educational Progress 2008 shows in year 2006 the Government Run Schools totaled 98,905. Government Run Schools making adequate progress was at 70% or 64,546. Government Run Schools in need of improvement 10,676 and 2,302 Governement Run schools a disastrous wasteful place for any young person to spend their days preparing for a future. Lucky ones are in the adequate progressing schools.

And we spend a lot for a few States that have horrible inner city school failures destroying hope.

Top Per Student Spending 2005
Top Per Student Spending 2005

A Government Run School system is prey to all types of political groups. They masquerade as teacher unions, particularly the leaders, environmentalists and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Not that they are good or bad, but that they have a Government system to attack, influence and control for their own interests. Not good for students, parents and teachers.

Consider the American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten President comment in the Brietbart report

“The bottom line is we need the president of the United States of America to use his bully pulpit to talk to kids about the importance of education and to help inspire kids”- Randi Weingarten President American Federation of Teachers

Are we suggesting the students can overcome the Government Run School System failings with a motivational speech from anyone? Does Randi Weingarten see the Government Run School system a place a student merely needs to be self-motivated after being inspired by political figures to succeed?

Motivational speech may go like this:  “We know your school sucks and is ‘adequate’ at best, you have a good chance to drop out, the teacher may have no control in the classroom because we took away that power as well as your parent’s power and we do not know where the money goes to provide you with the best, but chin up and you can still make something out of it – look at me a popular political personality – have hope.”

Take Back the Schools

The American School System is lacking one key item. This is the ingenuity and productivity of the American People. Innovative solutions, unattainable in a stodgy manipulated Government System, need to occur to correct the international declining position our best students have as well as putting a stop to the destruction of young lives trapped in the system.

American people work well with choices. To have choice, you need to have power. Our Constitution provides that power. However forfeited that power in the schooling.

Educational choice is taken away as taxes and given to a politically motivated Government Run System to make the choices. That is everyone’s choice: parents, students and teachers.

The reverse is to attach the funds we raise as a community to the children. This gives parents their Constitutional power of choice to select the schooling that they find best for their children.  This lets educators and teachers innovate and deliver education parents want and reflects changes in communities. With 98,905 schools, there is more than enough to meeting multiple needs rather than try to make one system fits all approach with a record of wrecking too many lives.

To understand how this works follow this John Stossel 20/20 presentation

Its not just people uneasy about the President addressing students even if he is unproven. Its about the Government Run System and how much Government we can take in education and a speech and curriculum from the President may be just the more parents cannot take and many teachers are in a wait and see mode. Students are just the playing piece.

Get Informed and Unite With Group for Free School Choice

It may seem impossible to turn the monstrous implanted Government Run School System around. You can if you take action even if you children have long grown, to help their children and protect freedom. Here are some places to start.

Good resource: Parent’s Guide to Education Reform

Diane Sawyer Government TARP Loss Equals Profit

By Alonzo Hosford

Diane Sawyer business math for Government computes a loss as profit on ABC News 9/2/09.

$4 billion Profit excludes Debt Interest To Raise $205 Billion Borrowed
$4 Billion Profit excludes National Debt 6% Interest To Raise $205 Billion Borrowed

This amateurish analysis lacks depth and basic business math skills.

The set’s TV screen on outset of the piece shows “Follow The Money”. But how far was the money followed? Not as far as to compute profit or loss.

The information presented neglects the cost of the US borrowing the money for Tarp at 6% from other nations such as China. Subtract about $10 Billion for interest for about 9 months.

Then subtract the administrative overhead to create the legislation such as lawyers hired to write it who are not the low end of the US wage scale. Take out the administrative costs needed to manage Tarp.

Now we have a loss except for one item a business lending the money has that the Federal Government does not. That is income tax on any profit. But maybe not. The loss gets added to the National Debt that continues to accrue interest. That interest eventually requires private sector profit to be taxed.

Diane confuses Government as a profit entity. Government is a profit consumer.

Playing on the words of CNBC Jim Cramer WE EARNED NOTHING! NOTHING!

This lack of the simple business math is why Government and TV slugs do not run a business. Here is the formula for the business wizards at ABC News:

Income – Costs (ALL OF THEM)  = profit or loss.

Simple rule to remember ABC: Government it is always ALWAYS a loss and never a profit. It just cannot because it creates no wealth, just uses it or confiscates it.

Hope and Change Disallusionment Answered Bleep Bleep

By Alonzo Hosford

February 11, 2009, Berkeley, CA – Van Jones, Special Advisor for Green Jobs, the White House Council on Environmental Quality fielding question from a lecture Jones gave at the 2nd Annual Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) event.

Audience member is disillusioned that Republicans could move more legislation with less a majority in Congress than Democrats can with more.

You could say that the make-up of the Democrats in Congress is not as liberal as this lecture audience and as the White House contingency more voters are now coming to know as far liberal and left.

You could say that winning an election is not the same as being answerable to the constituents that you convinced that may not be fanatic supporters.

Perhaps the audience member assumed you win, you do whatever you want. I recall, Republicans after the 2000 election tried to solve the Social Security issue. It did not happen.

Transition to power in an elected representative republic requires leadership skills that are compelling to follow even by many who may have gone with the other candidate. You have the capital of many who accept the new official and are willing to support them. This is a significant asset to be used out of the gate and not squandered. In this case those not fanatical supporters but got your vote were alienated out of the gate for reasons being debated even today. Wrong direction for leadership.

The disillusionment arises when the transition from campaign slogans to leadership comes up short; sorely exemplified by the deep intellectual reach for an unhelpful answer Van Jones offered: swear word and a good laugh. I am sure there is more to the video where Jones helps answer the question. I suspect any answer is still mired in the hope promulgated during a campaign and ignored the reality of compromises with Democrats that Republicans needed to get things done. Said another way to cause change.

Leadership when the crowd you lead is not the just the fanatic inside followers requires a different approach. It is a lot harder than you think; at least a lot harder than just having a representative majority. It takes some humility and empathy.

From a lecture Jones gave at the 2nd Annual Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) event