Vegetarianism as a Health Plan Succumbs to Meat Eater Peer Pressure

By Lon Hosford

Vegetarians are mostly in it because they convinced themselves that it would be good for their health and longevity. When it comes to stress and their social life vegetarianism  severely impacts their health negatively.

Woman eating fried chicken. 84% go back to eating meat again
84% go back to eating meat again


Americans are fixated on the idea that food is directly related to health. Excluding the extremes like obesity or bulimia or alcohol poisoning or drowning oneself in water – there was a well know radio contest over who could drink the most water, a person died – it make eating a stressful event. The stress it generates is more likely bad for your health.  Its ok to banter about what is good or bad about a food you may have read about. Then it is best to eat it and enjoy it and lose the stress.

Enjoying your friends and not having to stress out when you share a meal with them, is also a good plan. Enjoy their food and you will be happier and live as long as your genetics have it planned for you.

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