Obama Clueless About American Bravery and Honor In New Jersey

By Lon Hosford

Blame the audience for not understanding his wit and allusion to a higher meaning way way out of the average person’s league.

Obama Flopping at Lakehurst New Jersey
Obama Flopping at Lakehurst New Jersey


He can speak like he connects and understands, but he does not understand most people, who they are and how they live. He does not have to as his life experiences made him a narcissist. He is kinda of the backdoor silver spoon but without the silver spoon.

The lack of true honest connection with people is the sad legacy of Obama. He will live a life without that honest connection and the human connection you get from knowing it.

In the Obama world everyone is his opponent in a street game that no one is really playing.

He is just is not a person who can get along for the benefit of the many or of the any really as everything they will claim he accomplished are flashes of current events and not markers in history. You are someone who is a victim who is promised government solutions to your problems and pain inflected on who Obama tells you who is causing them. Or you are an opponent to that message which makes you an opponent to Obama. In the Obama world you are not going to win because he knows that he has an advantage of Black Privilege.