Minutemen Of Conservatism Battle at Foxborough for the People’s Seat

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

The People’s Seat of Massachusetts was taken back on January 19, 2010 as a combined effort of Patriot volunteers from all over the United States, the “Minutemen of Conservatism”, participating in many simultaneous battles occurring both within the State of Massachusetts and electronically around the country. One of those battles occurred in Foxborough Massachusetts and ended in Boston.

Conservatives Arise At Foxborough Massachusetts January 19,2010
Conservatives Fight for People's Seat At Foxborough Massachusetts January 19,2010. Bottom: typical patriotic event at Foxborough.

Battles for the Hearts and Minds
The battles were not of guns or hand to hand combat but of ideas and words to mobilize Massachusetts voters into action to carry through on the message they got from Scott Brown for US Senate to take back the People’s Seat. This was the Massachusetts US Senate seat held for decades by the aristocrat Ted Kennedy.

They Came From All Over the US
Patriot volunteers joined in at Foxborough from Texas, from New Jersey, from Pennsylvania, from Virginia, from Wisconsin, from Ohio, from Connecticut, from Rhode Island, from New York, from Michigan and from Massachusetts. At times half of the force was from outside of Massachusetts.

They were of all ages. They were young folks, mothers who left children home, businessmen leaving shops, the unemployed and retirees shocked from their solace. All united with one like minded idea that conservatism must win the day no matter the cost.

The founders knew of the pain suffered in the American Revolution and left us tools in the Constitution to avoid that pain. Like many tools they are put away and often need greasing up and practice to use again. These Constitutional tools were deployed by a modern society using modern technology in the days leading up to January 19th, 2010. Automated software running a portable call system of 30 phones, data banks producing street walking lists of likely voters,  the Internet tying all of that together, cell phones tying us together and vehicles with GPS systems to guide us through strange streets.

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Volunteers used their own computers, BlackBerrys and IPhones to get up to date news while keeping entertained with content of their choosing as they worked. They used email to communicate back home coordinating family activities and business needs. Locals provided food and lodging and hosted after work events including a hot tub to relax ! Soft by any comparison to the American Revolutionary battles but what the founders intended with the tools they gave us to avoid bloodshed.

The Call To Arms
Volunteers came from networks of conservatives passing messages in a way that chills you when you compare it to the American revolutionary era of communication for the call to arms. Each volunteer made their own mind up to participate. I remember communicating with great conservative tea party activists like Dan Popa of Clinton New Jersey and leaders like  Laureen Cummings of Scranton Pennsylvania to gauge who was going and how we were going to get there and why the hee haw haw we need to drop everything to clean up this mess in DC.

I joined the Foxborough battle on Monday January 18th after grabbing a toothbrush and jumping into a car of a fellow patriot and business owner Dan Popa for the 6 hour trip to find a battle location. There was no second thought for Dan. It was a matter who was throwing in with him.

Foxborough Massachusetts
Foxborough Massachusetts

We knew we had to be in Massachusetts, exactly where was the only question. As we left, we hoped we did not join in too late. En route we were in communication via cell with those already engaged in towns like Springfield Massachusetts. We eventually found the action in Foxborough and were fully at work within less of an hour of arrival. Already engaged were others from New Jersey like tea party leader Mark Falzon of Monmouth Country who arrived days earlier.

We worked to call about 500- 700 voters each throughout Massachusetts for the next 16 hours. We hit the streets and went door to door. We offered to shovel side walks and driveways for Scott Brown voters. Voters expressed gratitude for our offers and in all but one case let us off the hook. We visited the polls to provide moral support for the local Scott Brown volunteers manning signs in the sloppy snow wet conditions.

Deja Vu Siege of Boston 1775
In many respects the fight for the People’s Seat shared the motivations of the onset of the American Revolution. Thomas Gage (1719 – 1787) military governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay helped spark the American Revolutionary War in April 1775. After the battles of Lexington and Concord New England militias surrounded Boston to keep the British Army from moving. Gage was the military governor at the time and the quintessential aristocrat.  Consider his misunderstanding of the people of the time:

In September 1774, he [Thomas Gage ] ordered a mission to remove provincial gunpowder from a magazine in what is now Somerville, Massachusetts. This action, while successful, caused a huge popular reaction known as the Powder Alarm that prevented Gage from successfully executing other raids. This was in large part due to Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty kept careful watch over Gage’s activities after this point and successfully warned others of future actions before Gage could mobilise his British regulars to execute them.

Gage found himself criticized by his own men for allowing groups like the Sons of Liberty to exist. One of his officers, Hugh Percy remarked, “The general’s great leniency and moderation serve only to make them (the Americans) more daring and insolent.” Gage himself wrote, “If force is to be used at length, it must be a considerable one, and foreign troops must be hired, for to begin with small numbers will encourage resistance, and not terrify; and will in the end cost more blood and treasure.” Edmund Burke described Gage’s conflicted relationship by saying in Parliament, “An Englishman is the unfittest person on Earth to argue another Englishman into slavery.”  Source Wikipedia.

Massachusetts State Quarter Depicting Minutemen
Massachusetts State Quarter Depicting Minutemen

These revolutionary militia became the basis for the Continental Army. Today it is the Conservative Army on the march: a decentralized entity not understood by the media, Republicans, Democrats, communists, progressives, statists, socialists, liberals and anyone who does not understand exactly how the Constitution works to empower local people and limit central government. They are the Minutemen of Conservatism who will rise up seemingly from nowhere to fight as in Foxborough Massachusetts.

In the “war rooms” like at Foxborough, Massachusetts voters were put into siege with a pounding of the single message to vote for Scott Brown. Brown had already conveyed the messages voters wanted to hear. The job left was to get them to the polls or answer any questions for the undecided. In many cases, voters who were contacted had heard from the new militia a half dozen times or more.

Voter’s pain was minimal compared to what occurred in 1775 but some did not take it well. Most were tolerant and as they could see the battle turning in Brown’s favor, most were relieved to hear from us and urged us on despite they might get a few more calls from centers elsewhere. Some of the help with the undecided got the entire room of workers engaged in getting the answers to turn minds. It was hard work with a spirit of fun.

Brown Victory Part From Media Stand to Rear of Room
Brown Victory Party: Media Stand to Rear

Boston: The Unlikely Attend a Victory Celebration
At the end of the 19th, the Foxborough militia moved north to Boston to join in with all others in the State to wait the outcome of the fight at the Victory Party which could just as well had been a Concession Party.  Most took a chartered bus and shared conservative talk plus updates on election results coming in from text messages and cell phone calls. We discussed future actions to be taken in the overall effort to move conservatism forward; most where about the 2010 elections.

The who’s who you would expect at such an event for a local state election, Massachusetts Republicans, were not the norm! Walking through the tightly packed crowds like a tea party event you had at least a 50% chance of meeting someone from other parts of the United States. Finding a Massachusetts Republican was not easy. They were there, but scattered throughout a crowd of Americans that knew this was a pivotal battle for conservatism and they were going to make it happen.

Media Stand Blocking 2/3 of Room From View of Stage
Media Stand Blocking Two Thirds of Room From View of Stage

Boston: Victory Party Press Not Happy Campers
I got a few reports about the media personnel from the networks being rather pushy and condescending.  Basically the idea of a Republican taking the Senate seat had to be “wrong and was due to extenuating circumstances so those of you celebrating should not get your pants all up in a bunch because we the media are in disbelief that this is even real anyway.” The attitude was echoed the next day in the news.

The room was large enough to hold everyone who wanted to attend. I estimate 3,000. The room was divided one third so that media blocked the stage view for the remaining two thirds. This meant most attending watched  the event on one of several view screens. Those screens were also mobbed  for front row viewing. In most respects what was showing on the screens held second place interest to meeting people from all over the country.

Media did not serve us conservatives in our effort and did not deserve box seating blocking the patriots from distant parts of American. In fact they missed that point all together and you may only find that detail in this report.

Can you see them now? The Minutemen of Conservatism
The Minutemen of Conservatism are a force to respect. Now you see them; now you do not. The media cannot see them at all and that is the way we like it. You can see them because they are everywhere, they are you and they are ready.


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  1. Lon, Excellent Report!! Just got a chance to read it. It was the hard work of people like you and Dan Popa that came from various states to make those important calls and other jobs to get out the votes for Scott Brown. It was an amazing success! Your report makes me feel like I was there and the pictures are an added bonus. Thanks for documenting it for us. Now, the scene shifts to PA and who will be elected to replace Murtha!

  2. Ralph, I believe Laureen introduced us. It was so packed and loud and so many people to say hello it was easy to forget. Next round Mass voters are going to get 20+ calls until they learn to vote in conservatives. We’ll be back!

  3. HI Lon, not sure if I met you at the victory party, but I sure do thank you for coming to Mass to help out ! People on both sides ar still stunned, and those of us clear on sending the message to Washington, did just that !
    Laureen is the best,and a true Patriot !

  4. Loved it! and I’m jealous that I didn’t get to go help out with the MA campaign. I tried to help from here and thanks to you and the people of MA we now may have saved our America from the liberal cram down.

    God Bless You, Lon.


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