Electric Car Owners Polluting More Than Gas Guzzlers

By Lon Hosford

ELECTRIC CARS RUN ON COAL. Our education system does not provide a science foundation to understand it.

Electric Car Plug
Electric Car Plug




Basic science skill start in home making and shop back in the geezer days of public education. Not to say we need to reinstitute it in the same way it existed back then. But today most children have no idea of what adding salt to boiling water does or leaving wood in a moist environment does to the wood.


The electric car hoax is really big companies like General Electric trying to get products that have no market sense sold. They have successfully funding lame Congress candidates to go in and rubber stamp stupid laws and funding to get customers and business on a hoax.

The hoax is that electric cars save energy and oil. The fundamentals of science and laws are ignored.

1. You can only transfer energy consumption from one source to another.

A car is a the largest consumer of energy that you can own. Electric energy can come from many sources. You have very little choice over that source when you charge a car. Yet you have no idea how the electric was made. You really do not care to know when you need to make the car go. You may care in general but not when you absolutely need to use the car.

2. Energy is most efficient when the raw materials are used.

Electric cars are far removed from the source of the energy. That means loss of efficiency. Loss of efficiency translates to impact on the environment and on the cost for the energy received.


3. Using Energy generates heat

You want to move a heavy pile of metal, plastics and what not all needed energy to make around it generates heat. That is regardless if the energy comes from solar radiation captured or fossil fuels. In fact the trapped solar radiation may have been reflected back to space and now you are instead emitting it.

4. Sun Worship

The Sun worship for energy is a key indication of a lack of science fundamentals in our education system. The sun solution is not science movement but more a religious movement. It is a thought that we can transfer the use of energy from fossil fuels to energy available in outer space.

The result is not clear to even those who are claimed to be scientists. The common sense tells you the sun radiation hits the earth. Some reflects back to space and some is absorbed by people, buildings, rocks, mountains, oceans and what not. That balance is what we are planning to tamper. We need vast fields of solar collecting apparatus. These fields are already upsetting the micro climates of the areas they are installed. They are even killing wild life and chaining migration habits and what not.