America Is Coming Apart is a Media Fantasy

By Lon Hosford

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America Is Coming Apart at the Seams by Francis Wilkinson at

“Where you live in the country has always influenced how you live. But divergent public policy choices, rooted in sharp partisan conflict, are heightening the geographic distinctions.”

Only in the news media do these issue live as national crises. These, like Ferguson and school shootings, are really very local issues and if anything are aggravated by Federal laws, regulations and oratory.

The media gives them a life in a fantasy land place they call America. Its not a real place, but a virtual make believe place they can mold and structure to keep their alabaster content flowing.

We had American going in two directions, as reported by the media, since I can remember. It seems to be a foundational issue for media places like Bloomberg View. In general anything wrong with America is a necessary fabric that makes up news media.

Most people look around and see at local levels great efforts to live and work together. What we do see are cities that have decayed under Democrat leadership and anyone regardless of race makes an effort to escape that. Usually it starts with over regulation strangling the city economy. Businesses move and then the fittest leave next. Who stays behind range from those benefiting from the taxes and those who are dependent on the city system. Basically the dependents remain. These are folks who cannot make a community work due to economic hardship which translates into government dependency keeping them in that spot.

The record is old about this inner city strife of very abandoned, abandoned by the Democrat party who controls them, people. It is not a national issue but local to those places. Anything nation about them is really the national political party, Democrats, that are always there.