Obama Clueless About American Bravery and Honor In New Jersey

By Lon Hosford

Blame the audience for not understanding his wit and allusion to a higher meaning way way out of the average person’s league.

Obama Flopping at Lakehurst New Jersey
Obama Flopping at Lakehurst New Jersey


He can speak like he connects and understands, but he does not understand most people, who they are and how they live. He does not have to as his life experiences made him a narcissist. He is kinda of the backdoor silver spoon but without the silver spoon.

The lack of true honest connection with people is the sad legacy of Obama. He will live a life without that honest connection and the human connection you get from knowing it.

In the Obama world everyone is his opponent in a street game that no one is really playing.

He is just is not a person who can get along for the benefit of the many or of the any really as everything they will claim he accomplished are flashes of current events and not markers in history. You are someone who is a victim who is promised government solutions to your problems and pain inflected on who Obama tells you who is causing them. Or you are an opponent to that message which makes you an opponent to Obama. In the Obama world you are not going to win because he knows that he has an advantage of Black Privilege.

Minutemen Of Conservatism Battle at Foxborough for the People’s Seat

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

The People’s Seat of Massachusetts was taken back on January 19, 2010 as a combined effort of Patriot volunteers from all over the United States, the “Minutemen of Conservatism”, participating in many simultaneous battles occurring both within the State of Massachusetts and electronically around the country. One of those battles occurred in Foxborough Massachusetts and ended in Boston.

Conservatives Arise At Foxborough Massachusetts January 19,2010
Conservatives Fight for People's Seat At Foxborough Massachusetts January 19,2010. Bottom: typical patriotic event at Foxborough.

Battles for the Hearts and Minds
The battles were not of guns or hand to hand combat but of ideas and words to mobilize Massachusetts voters into action to carry through on the message they got from Scott Brown for US Senate to take back the People’s Seat. This was the Massachusetts US Senate seat held for decades by the aristocrat Ted Kennedy.

They Came From All Over the US
Patriot volunteers joined in at Foxborough from Texas, from New Jersey, from Pennsylvania, from Virginia, from Wisconsin, from Ohio, from Connecticut, from Rhode Island, from New York, from Michigan and from Massachusetts. At times half of the force was from outside of Massachusetts.

They were of all ages. They were young folks, mothers who left children home, businessmen leaving shops, the unemployed and retirees shocked from their solace. All united with one like minded idea that conservatism must win the day no matter the cost.

The founders knew of the pain suffered in the American Revolution and left us tools in the Constitution to avoid that pain. Like many tools they are put away and often need greasing up and practice to use again. These Constitutional tools were deployed by a modern society using modern technology in the days leading up to January 19th, 2010. Automated software running a portable call system of 30 phones, data banks producing street walking lists of likely voters,  the Internet tying all of that together, cell phones tying us together and vehicles with GPS systems to guide us through strange streets.

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Volunteers used their own computers, BlackBerrys and IPhones to get up to date news while keeping entertained with content of their choosing as they worked. They used email to communicate back home coordinating family activities and business needs. Locals provided food and lodging and hosted after work events including a hot tub to relax ! Soft by any comparison to the American Revolutionary battles but what the founders intended with the tools they gave us to avoid bloodshed.

The Call To Arms
Volunteers came from networks of conservatives passing messages in a way that chills you when you compare it to the American revolutionary era of communication for the call to arms. Each volunteer made their own mind up to participate. I remember communicating with great conservative tea party activists like Dan Popa of Clinton New Jersey and leaders like  Laureen Cummings of Scranton Pennsylvania to gauge who was going and how we were going to get there and why the hee haw haw we need to drop everything to clean up this mess in DC.

I joined the Foxborough battle on Monday January 18th after grabbing a toothbrush and jumping into a car of a fellow patriot and business owner Dan Popa for the 6 hour trip to find a battle location. There was no second thought for Dan. It was a matter who was throwing in with him.

Foxborough Massachusetts
Foxborough Massachusetts

We knew we had to be in Massachusetts, exactly where was the only question. As we left, we hoped we did not join in too late. En route we were in communication via cell with those already engaged in towns like Springfield Massachusetts. We eventually found the action in Foxborough and were fully at work within less of an hour of arrival. Already engaged were others from New Jersey like tea party leader Mark Falzon of Monmouth Country who arrived days earlier.

We worked to call about 500- 700 voters each throughout Massachusetts for the next 16 hours. We hit the streets and went door to door. We offered to shovel side walks and driveways for Scott Brown voters. Voters expressed gratitude for our offers and in all but one case let us off the hook. We visited the polls to provide moral support for the local Scott Brown volunteers manning signs in the sloppy snow wet conditions.

Deja Vu Siege of Boston 1775
In many respects the fight for the People’s Seat shared the motivations of the onset of the American Revolution. Thomas Gage (1719 – 1787) military governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay helped spark the American Revolutionary War in April 1775. After the battles of Lexington and Concord New England militias surrounded Boston to keep the British Army from moving. Gage was the military governor at the time and the quintessential aristocrat.  Consider his misunderstanding of the people of the time:

In September 1774, he [Thomas Gage ] ordered a mission to remove provincial gunpowder from a magazine in what is now Somerville, Massachusetts. This action, while successful, caused a huge popular reaction known as the Powder Alarm that prevented Gage from successfully executing other raids. This was in large part due to Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty kept careful watch over Gage’s activities after this point and successfully warned others of future actions before Gage could mobilise his British regulars to execute them.

Gage found himself criticized by his own men for allowing groups like the Sons of Liberty to exist. One of his officers, Hugh Percy remarked, “The general’s great leniency and moderation serve only to make them (the Americans) more daring and insolent.” Gage himself wrote, “If force is to be used at length, it must be a considerable one, and foreign troops must be hired, for to begin with small numbers will encourage resistance, and not terrify; and will in the end cost more blood and treasure.” Edmund Burke described Gage’s conflicted relationship by saying in Parliament, “An Englishman is the unfittest person on Earth to argue another Englishman into slavery.”  Source Wikipedia.

Massachusetts State Quarter Depicting Minutemen
Massachusetts State Quarter Depicting Minutemen

These revolutionary militia became the basis for the Continental Army. Today it is the Conservative Army on the march: a decentralized entity not understood by the media, Republicans, Democrats, communists, progressives, statists, socialists, liberals and anyone who does not understand exactly how the Constitution works to empower local people and limit central government. They are the Minutemen of Conservatism who will rise up seemingly from nowhere to fight as in Foxborough Massachusetts.

In the “war rooms” like at Foxborough, Massachusetts voters were put into siege with a pounding of the single message to vote for Scott Brown. Brown had already conveyed the messages voters wanted to hear. The job left was to get them to the polls or answer any questions for the undecided. In many cases, voters who were contacted had heard from the new militia a half dozen times or more.

Voter’s pain was minimal compared to what occurred in 1775 but some did not take it well. Most were tolerant and as they could see the battle turning in Brown’s favor, most were relieved to hear from us and urged us on despite they might get a few more calls from centers elsewhere. Some of the help with the undecided got the entire room of workers engaged in getting the answers to turn minds. It was hard work with a spirit of fun.

Brown Victory Part From Media Stand to Rear of Room
Brown Victory Party: Media Stand to Rear

Boston: The Unlikely Attend a Victory Celebration
At the end of the 19th, the Foxborough militia moved north to Boston to join in with all others in the State to wait the outcome of the fight at the Victory Party which could just as well had been a Concession Party.  Most took a chartered bus and shared conservative talk plus updates on election results coming in from text messages and cell phone calls. We discussed future actions to be taken in the overall effort to move conservatism forward; most where about the 2010 elections.

The who’s who you would expect at such an event for a local state election, Massachusetts Republicans, were not the norm! Walking through the tightly packed crowds like a tea party event you had at least a 50% chance of meeting someone from other parts of the United States. Finding a Massachusetts Republican was not easy. They were there, but scattered throughout a crowd of Americans that knew this was a pivotal battle for conservatism and they were going to make it happen.

Media Stand Blocking 2/3 of Room From View of Stage
Media Stand Blocking Two Thirds of Room From View of Stage

Boston: Victory Party Press Not Happy Campers
I got a few reports about the media personnel from the networks being rather pushy and condescending.  Basically the idea of a Republican taking the Senate seat had to be “wrong and was due to extenuating circumstances so those of you celebrating should not get your pants all up in a bunch because we the media are in disbelief that this is even real anyway.” The attitude was echoed the next day in the news.

The room was large enough to hold everyone who wanted to attend. I estimate 3,000. The room was divided one third so that media blocked the stage view for the remaining two thirds. This meant most attending watched  the event on one of several view screens. Those screens were also mobbed  for front row viewing. In most respects what was showing on the screens held second place interest to meeting people from all over the country.

Media did not serve us conservatives in our effort and did not deserve box seating blocking the patriots from distant parts of American. In fact they missed that point all together and you may only find that detail in this report.

Can you see them now? The Minutemen of Conservatism
The Minutemen of Conservatism are a force to respect. Now you see them; now you do not. The media cannot see them at all and that is the way we like it. You can see them because they are everywhere, they are you and they are ready.


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Leonard Lance Favorite President Eisenhower 91% Tax Rate and Promoted World Communism: Part 1

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

Can you select a bad Republican president as your favorite? The US President most admired by Republican US House Representative Leonard Lance is Dwight Eisenhower. He has two principle reasons:  One a balanced budget and two getting the US out of Korea. Ronald Reagan, on the other hand, Lance thinks is faulty as a first choice for not providing a balanced budget.

Lance: Eisenhower Bad Choice For Favorite President
Lance: Eisenhower Bad Choice For Favorite President

Eisenhower: Key Military Leader But Destructive President
Eisenhower’s key achievement is in the military. All Americans are grateful of the World War II  leadership of Dwight Eisenhower as Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in planning and carrying the invasion of France and Germany in 1944–45. This underscores his contributions and earns him respect. Military leaders of WWII were provided with the power to win and we did win. Republicans should embrace our historical policy of military engagement to win decisively and run from abysmal Presidential records inflicting damage on America. This describes Eisenhower and a really bad choice for Leonard Lance as a President to laud as he runs for reelection. It marks the moderate appeaser stance that has gotten Republicans out of power and will keep us there.

Eisenhower: Fostering the Growth of Communism
Dwight Eisenhower is noted as having a do nothing Presidency. The do nothing tag is a faulty interpretation of history! He did serious damage to America. He took many actions that fostered the regrowth of Communism in our schools, government, society and the world. Americans before him discovered this trend and elected him to clean it up. Long after Eisenhower’s terms in office Ezra Taft Benson, Eisenhower’s Secretary of Agriculture, sums up the Eisenhower diversion of our effort to purge communism from government and the world:

Ezra Taft Benson Summarizes Eisenhower’s Fostering Of Communism

This video is keyed to start at time point 3:53 but is also worth watching from the beginning.

Cleaning up communism in government was a key item that he used in winning election in 1952.

“… Eisenhower had a formula for victory — K1C2. The stalemated war in Korea, corruption in the Truman administration, and Communist subversion were the issues that Republicans emphasized throughout the campaign. Eisenhower held a clear lead over Stevenson in the polls, as voters looked to Eisenhower to clean up what even Stevenson had called ‘the mess in Washington.’ — Miller Center of Public Affairs University of Virginia

The phrase “the mess in Washington” underscores how the Democrats had a hard time saying communism and here is how Stevenson, the Democrat candidate against Eisenhower, thought about the sentiments of Americans at the time.

“Stevenson’s Nature of Patriotism speech. ‘The tragedy of our day is the climate of fear in which we live, and fear breeds repression. Too often sinister threats to the Bill of Rights, to the freedom of the mind, are concealed under the patriotic cloak of anti-communism.'” Wikipedia

Eisenhower won the election on the fight against communism in government and then proceeded to implement destructive actions that were duplicated in subsequent Presidents and Congresses bringing us to the precipice Vladimir Lenin predicted in 1924.

“First we take eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia, then we will encircle the United States which will be the last Bastian of capitalism. We will not have to attack. It will fall like an overripe fruit into our hands.” – Lenin

We are now in 2010 tipped to that ominous fall with no rope to climb back up.

Reagan: Fostering the Destruction of Communism
Ronald Reagan did the most of any President to fight back the corruption caused by communistic actions. He started with the “Screen Actors Guild”.

Reagan On Screen Actors Guild Time Point 1:43

He understood it. For example his warning about socialized medicine is about the slip into the abyss of Communism.

He failed more with the Democratic Congress on this issue of as well as the issue of balanced budgets than anywhere. He had control on the world scene and little in Congress. The momentum against communism put into place by Reagan’s Presidency quickly faded. Communism continued its  march forward to what you  see today even in our own leaders!

Balanced Budget with 91% Taxes
As well Eisenhower financed his “balance budget” on the backs of taxpayers where he presided over 8 years of the second highest top Federal marginal tax rate. The rate was 91% second only to 2 years at the end of World War II where it reached 94%. It took until Ronald Regan to fix this theft of property by Government. Still we see an increase tax trend continued not only with the ostentatious “federal tax” but to a greater extent in imperceptible taxes here and there on this and that and now much larger taxes such as we see in the current hideous health legislation. Leonard Lance must realize Reagan was against big government and big spending. However Reagan focused on the bigger threat of communism and corruption and in budgeting dealt with a spend thrift Democrat Congress; a more difficult opponent that even the USSR. This is what Leonard Lance needs to say about the Reagan era and not that Reagan did not balance the budget.

Republicans Search for a Favorite President: Its Reagan
Republicans who are running from the record of Ronald Reagan and saying the era of Reagan is over then need to select another President; hopefully Republican. So lets start the search.  They have trouble with Bush II because of their own failure to rein in the spending and squeamish support on winning a war versus unheroic  support they give it. Heroic support would be risking their political careers on winning.  They failed and thus helped Bush II fail and usher in Obama. They cannot select Bush I because he was scooted out of office for failing to deal with the economic issues in same way Reagan did. He apparently learned nothing from being Reagan’s Vice President. You have to  skip over Richard Nixon because he was forced into resignation. Soon we are heading on a fast track back to Abe Lincoln. Not a bad choice just not current. The winner then is Reagan because he was keen on doing what you will learn Eisenhower promised and did not do.

A RINO Pick for Favorite President: Eisenhower
When Eisenhower’s Presidential actions are revisited you can see the modern day RINO (Republican in Name Only) tag fits him.  Many of his policies were liberal. He had some good intentions but they were carried out in liberal fashion. Thus moderates find him a safe choice: good intentions but liberal solutions.

2010 Elections
Republicans running from conservatism are doing so because they still believe they need to be in the middle somehow. The middle is conservative. Get used to it and learn from the past so we do not repeat it as we, conservatives, take back control entrusted to us.

Series on Eisenhower and Communism
This is a series on Eisenhower and the growth of communism in American and in the World. No disrespect to a honored military leader and American, however honored military leaders do not necessarily translate into great political leaders and Eisenhower was a prime example. You will learn in this series how Eisenhower is a key root of the problems we have today in America. The series will look at the Eisenhower presidential role in the:

  • Failure to clean up  communism as an election promise.
  • Military and economic aid and concessions to communist leaders.
  • Failed “cultural exchanges” with communists.
  • Abandonment of winning freedom fighters behind the Iron curtain.
  • Presence of communism on our borders: Cuba.

Warning to Republicans and RINOs
This series also should be a very strong warning to RINOs  and all Republicans on who you select as the best Presidents for the party and more importantly the reasons you select them. In the grassroots conservative movement, the restudy of American history is underway in full force. Old books and records are being dusted off to reveal American History deleted from our government run educations and communist infested higher learning institutions. Eisenhower is not the only example of Presidents asleep at the wheel over Communism but the one selected for the series because of his key early role setting us back and establishing precedents we still follow. We can easily do Kennedy for example and Democrats if we must we will.

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Social Media Is Freedom’s New Voice

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

Christmas presents that are the best come in people and unexpected gifts. For me this was having my daughters both home from distant parts of the US and the introduction to how to Crush It!

Crush It! Doorway To Spreading Freedoms Message
Your Battle Plan For Spreading Freedoms Message

Careful You May Get What You Ask For
Besides the blessed gifts of my daughters being home, I also got the gifts I asked for and yes many other gifts, all appreciated, destined to clutter drawers and other cavities in the house. Some are marked with a date for safe re-gifting. Some of the gifts I went for were Beck’s Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government, Beck’s Glenn Beck’s Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine and Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto. Santa was generous and my patience to hold out paid off.

Sorry Jim Cramer
I find the holiday weeks are a great time for reading and was delighted to see I was blessed with content of my liking this year. Last year it was Jim Cramer’s books. Unfortunately after finding he supported the Democrats in 2008 I doubted he has a full understanding of capitalism. This doubt turned to conclusion when he expressed “buyer’s remorse” in voting for Obama and then repudiating that. His books are finding their way to Amazon where they can truly contribute to capitalism for me. Plus despite his apparent personal successes, I can tell you he can hurt folks who try to follow him. Cramer is no pundit in my humble opinion and I have since stopped following his show. But I digress.

Oxygen Now!
After all the Xmas gifts were opened my oldest daughter Beverly, who is a people networking virtuoso, mentioned two books she bought for a cousin in her same age group: young and looking to make a mark in the world preferably through capitalism whether or not they truly understand the crumbling liberty foundation needed for true capitalism. She suggested I might want to read them and we could buy fresh copies before we visit her cousin. This is her networking acuity hard at work – knowing people including her father – breathtaking – give me oxygen now.

Sorry Glenn Beck and Mark Levin
The two books she offered up are  Crush It! and What Would Google Do? While waiting for Christmas dinner, I took on the shorter book Crush It! Sorry Beck. Sorry Levin. Within pages I realized I had the real surprise gift of the holiday. I consumed most of the 134 pages by dinner and polished the remainder off after my younger scholarly daughter Julianne delighted us with her culinary arts for another fabulous holiday meal something that I look forward to in the past years since she started doing our holiday meals.

Gary Vaynerchuk: Social Media = Business
Crush It!
is written by Gary Vaynerchuk a former resident of Hunterdon County New Jersey and family member of the Shoppers Discount Liquors of Clark New Jersey. Gary is famous in the Social Media world in particular with the Wine Library that is his proof of the new business formula: Social Media = Business. Gary makes big bucks with his passion for wine using social media. I also learned he redesigned the Vemma web site for brand partners like me to meet the new business formula of social media equaling business. I was delighted when that upgrade was released in September but did not know who Gary was then. I now blog there as well.

Traditional Business Media Models Are Obsolete
The business models of reaching people have changed dramatically in this decade that is ending this week. If you have not caught on, you will have to wake up because your current ways of business building and using media is becoming obsolete. Yes just like the buggy whip. Let me say it this way: The New Media is Social Media. How it works is foreign to traditional business thinking and to most boomers on up in age. This book shows you how to embrace it. Social media applies to any business from one person to one as large as Dell. Dell is talked about in the What Would Google Do? book and demonstrates how social media can be the end or the savior of a company that large. I am still knifing through What Would Google Do? and expect to have some mind changes once done such as all businesses need to create a platform. I bet you wonder what a “platform” is. Get the book.

Social Media Is The Mass Media
Waking up is all about the conservative movement. We need to wake up people who vote. The question comes up time and time again about how to get the message out and perhaps how to raise money to get the message out. Standing on streets protesting, going to DC, meeting with “elected” officials and sending emails are obsolete in the sense of media outreach necessary to wake up voters. Embracing and mastering social media contains the muskets we need for the second revolution. So I want to reapply Gary’s formula as Social Media = Freedom’s New Voice. This applies to every person who wants the truth told and there are no excuses for you not to learn how. Every tweet in social media represents a shot heard as a mass media necessary to get the message out.

I Do Not Get That Twitter Thing
So what is a tweet? Many tell me they do not understand Twitter or Facebook or YouTube. They think it is above them or too complicated or they do not have enough time. They are still stuck with email and many do not know how to do that effectively either to the point the senders are complaining about the volume in their own inboxes. I have to say a large majority of my emails now go into a folder for future reading to which I may never get to read. Sorry those are facts.

Bayonets vs AK45s
Social media communication domination is critical for capitalism and conservatism to grow again. The world order communists, progressives, socialists or whatever have this social media weapon well in hand are using it to accelerate their agendas at hyper speed while their intended captives, YOU, are not. Look at this way. Bayonets to AK45s is email to social media. Guess who has the AK45s.

If you have a burning passion about this conservative movement and the 100+ year communist infiltration into US education and government, then you need to look at expressing it via social media. So the question you ask is how are you going to learn to use social media?

You start with Crush It! I get asked over and over by fellow conservatives about starting a web site. Frankly its a big job and nothing gets done and maintenance is a bigger problem. Then consider that communicating via a web site is obsolete in many respects as you will learn in reading Crush It!. Even the idea of a home page is decreasing rapidly as a media force. Effective application of social media is the priority and the web site and home pages are moving to second place. Wait until Google Wave hits. Ah another big technology change is on its way. They just keep coming like new weapons.

What To Master In Social Media
For social media you to learn about building followers. Terms like tumbling, call-to-action buttons, share buttons, lure, lasso, widgets and platform are few you need to master.

For just a hint on some for these outlined in Crush It! consider call-to-action buttons. These are subscribe to email, friend me up, follow me and become a fan. Many I know in the conservative movement only understand subscribe to email which everyone fears. Subscribe to email is one the younger generation could care less about. How about share buttons? Stumble upon, Digg, Reddit, Facebook and Email This. Again more advanced way to build followings you need to study and master.

Talk to the Hand
Crush It!
is an easy read. The chapters are short so you can take many breaks although you may gulp down two or three at a read. Gary will help you identify the social media style for your DNA and provides a simple list of steps to get going. End goal it to brand yourself in social media for a following. Leading by example is how minds are changed and social media is the path.

Warning! Folks who now want to discuss with me a web presence and have not done Gary’s Crush It! are going to get a “talk to the hand” response because you need to get the importance of social media first.  Just as print is becoming obsolete, television is too and soon your business and worse freedom. Gary explains how TV and cable are doomed. Sorry Fox and Comcast. Perhaps the demise of television broadcasting is good for liberty if we learn to master the alternative because of the tidal wave of expanding media that it brings intertwined as social media.

So you are warned. Want to not understand and daily use social media then “talk to the hand”. As well watch what you love overrun by a generation who was denied learning the truth about freedom and how it can be taken away in slivers until one point is unrecognizable.

A Quick Social Media Readiness Test
Want a social media readiness test now? Try the Share/Save button below and if you do not have a choice on there you can pick besides email and bookmark, you are at zero. Have 3 choices you can use? You get a barely passing grade.

Obama, Biden, Pelosi Ignore Adler (D-NJ) Warning HR 3962 Will Fail

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

John Adler (D-NJ) met on several occasions with Obama, Biden and Pelosi to express his concerns that Pelosi HR 3962 will fail to reduce health care costs for most Americans in the United States. Adler revealed this at his town hall in Willingboro New Jersey on November 14th, 2009.

HR 3962 Cannot Stop Skyrocket Increases in Health Care Costs
HR 3962 Cannot Stop Skyrocketing Health Care Cost Increases

HR 3962 Will Not Make Health Care Affordable
Adler claims the Pelosi HR 3962 bill voted on November 7th, 2009 will not curb health costs. Adler knows, like most Americans in recent polling, that Pelosi HR 3962 does nothing to curb rising health care costs. The Pelosi HR 3962 bill establishes a beach head for a communistic takeover of the most precious right of Americans which is their health and their bodies. It does not address the real issues facing the capitalist market place that has brought the world its current standard of health care and where here in the United States capitalism can continue to flourish for new health innovations and procedures. A large number of those issues are government anti-capitalism regulations already embedded into the pharmaceutical, health insurance and health care industries. Adler admits publicly:

“The bill going through the House didn’t have as good of measures to make insurance more affordable for more people… . The budget office told most of Congress including those in Congress that support those things in the bill [public option] that it didn’t go nearly far enough … to make health care affordable in the long run. …

In fact the bill has unintended consequences that will accelerate the cost increases as generational taxes. The cost of Pelosi HR 3962 is so large that the taxes need collecting years in advance of their use of helping anyone significantly which is not until 2013 or after. After that there are no provisions to handle the health costs the government takes on starting 2013. Taxes are a key item in cost increases passed to consumers or in causing unprofitably and thus lost jobs.  More will be coming.

Obama, Biden, Pelosi Ignore Warning Over The Catastrophic Damage To GDP
Adler was very concerned with budget office numbers showing that Pelosi HR 3962 would not control health costs. He was concerned enough to arranged multiple meetings with Obama, Biden and Pelosi to urge them that the bill does not go far enough. He and many in DC want, through government control, to reduce health care costs as a percentage of  gross domestic product.

The bill going through the House wouldn’t still the growth of health care as a percentage of our gross domestic product. For this one omission I have had a chance to speak about that with President Obama, with Vice President Biden, with Speaker Pelosi on many many occasions; probably 7 or 8 occasions …” – Adler

Raw video without annotations available for release to news organizations by request

Government Imposed Treatment Paths
Adler’s goal is forcing the health industry to be more efficient in taking care of you. This requires government control over hospital and doctor procedures. Health professionals will need to check with government approved procedures to determine the direction of your treatment. This may occur before you even reach a doctor to minimize your exposure  the higher health costs. Your treatment will go down a prescribed path regardless of your or your doctor’s concerns because any other path will increase the cost to GDP. This is a typical communist ploy to convince everyone it is necessary for the good of the State.

At Rush Holt (D-NJ) before the Pelosi HR 3962 bill on September 17th at his town meeting in South Hunterdon High School reveals his same deep understanding of this need to control your health care outcomes as well as a prediction it would be in the bill. It is clear this is kicking around and may be inserted at anytime before we get to a final bill.

[NJ Common Sense believes from studying Holt town halls, Holt is a key architect in the communistic parts of this health bill. Traditionally communists are intellectuals that are professors with little work experience who move into political arena to effect communist goals. Holt talking points are just that, communist propaganda for a government take over of your life choices.]

Raw video without annotations available for release to news organizations by request

Destruction of American Capitalism That Improved Health Quality Worldwide
Capitalism in turn looks to increasing GDP so health care costs are a lower percentage as well as providing competitive alternatives so individuals can select health insurance and services that best meets their needs like age, sex, activities and so forth. Think about the Progressive Insurance ads and you get the idea. This works to reduce costs and is something that is marginally available now in pockets and may never become nationwide. America is the last Bastian of capitalism, although crippled by government especially in health care and health insurance. Because of the excellence brought out by capitalism, American becomes unequal with the entire rest of the world that is not capitalism based. Communism works to eliminate such inequities. In the US guilt of the affluent and intellectuals work as communism to undermine the capitalist engine for the sake of being the same as the rest of the world.

We see other communist ideas such as TARP and the stimulus have failed at being good for those suffering. Suffering is the ploy needed support the lie of health care costs being a high percentage of GDP. Government propaganda has aided in lowering GDP expectations and use the “growing percent of GDP” scare tactic as a simple way to lie with statistics to unfortunately a large number of Americans who are suffering from failed government programs.

HR 3962 “Affordable Health Care For America” Propaganda
Pelosi HR 3962 is titled “Affordable Health Care For America”. Adler openly claims it is not “affordable” for anyone who has provides their own health care now. At a East Windsor Rush Holt (D-NJ) town hall, 4 days after the Saturday night passage of HR3964, there were literally boxes of color printed propaganda available for hand out by Holt agents. Given the Pelosi HR 3962 bill title “Affordable Health Care for Americans”, the question is affordable for which Americans? The answer is vulnerable Americans where communist ideas like universal health care can attract and eventually further enslave them as government wards.  Adler’s own words reveal the doublespeak in the propaganda word “Affordable”:

… affordable short-term through tax subsidies to working Americans is very very good and did not make it affordable for businesses and families and consumers  of insurance individually.

Affordable to those who do not pay for it. Not affordable for productive capitalist Americans and in fact increases their subjugation via punitive taxes filtered to every productive American via business. Generally the more you engage in productive capitalist activities the more you are taxed under the “affordable” Pelosi HR 3962. The real answer may be not affordable for anyone.

Warning from the Past – Americans Go To Silently In The Night To Communism
At the end of the Adler video above, you hear the beginning of the wrath from Willingboro pro health care group that made up of nearly 50% of the small audience. They arrived somewhat organized to encourage the passage of anything in Congress regardless if it works and diss Adler on his no vote. This is a known incremental strategy for communists and we have our warning here from Ronald Regan. Regan who kindly called it Socialism. It is not capitalism and today he would have seen we have reached the non-capitalism level of communism in Pelosi HR 3962. Just substitute communism for socialism in the video and you get it.

Lenin died in 1924. His plan for world domination summarized and paraphrased

“First we will take eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia, then we will encircle the United States which will be the last Bastian of Capitalism. We will not have to attack. It will fall like an overripe fruit into our hands.”
“None Dare to Call It Treason” John A Stormer, 1964 p.26

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To GOOOH or not to GOOOH: That is the Question

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

The uncertainty of Hamlet against what appears a sea of troubles may just what conservatives face for candidate selection to run for the US House of Representatives. Do we go the traditional route with the two parties and probably the Republican party? Do we go a third party candidate? Do we sit by and watch wish washy independents choose for us? Do we leave the country and benevolently overthrow a banana republic with American productivity producing wealth? GOOOH, pronounced “go” and standing for Get Out of Our House, is one more alternative that may apply no matter which way you go.

Get Out Of Our House Alternative To House Candidate Selection
Revolution! is Required Reading No Matter How You Intend To Select 2010 US House Candidates

GOOOH With Whom?
GOOOH is the brainchild of Tim Cox who is a business person from Texas. Tim set aside his business and in 2008 started working on the GOOOH concept. I was introduced to GOOOH November 19th 2009 at a mock candidate selection workshop hosted by an ad hoc conservative action group out of Morris county where I met Tim Cox and acquired his book Revolution!. He  was offering the book free but I and dozens of others at the event left a donation.  Revolution! is a common sense analysis of what is wrong with our political system for selecting candidates. It outlines the sorry results we have gotten over and over because of failed candidate selection process. The book contains a detailed action plan to change that. There is a web site to assist, promote and carryout the plan. GOOOH is not about Tim Cox but is a framework for everyday citizens to work together and select a candidate for their US House District. GOOOH is about you.

GOOOH Where?
The GOOOH candidate selection is directly targeted at the US House of Representatives. The goal is to select candidates,  finance them and get them elected. This is a third party route with a national approach unseen except twice such as with the “loose” Contract of America. Thus you can run for your US House District and eliminate the nasty issue of financing. For that and other reasons I am running as a GOOOH candidate in District 7 where we have Leonard Lance (R). GOOOH is about anyone of us going to the US House of Representatives staying for one or two terms and returning to life in their district.

On an initial look, the mechanics of the GOOOH candidate selection system appear detailed. There is software and training  guides to carry out the details. The system is simple. You declare yourself as a candidate and work with other candidates in your district to select the best to send to the US House of Representatives.

The process entails passing a simple screening exam such as Constitutional eligibility. The screening goes further to include not being a politician or office holder and openly advertising if you are lawyer. Revolution! goes into details why these qualities contribute to the current problem. If you are one of those, GOOOH is not for you and thus you can run in traditional ways if you like.

The more rigorous step is to answer the over 100 debate question issues as for or against. These are used in the candidate selection process. Having done the questions, I guarantee your core values are challenged.

You sign a commitment letter which includes not taking money from anyone and promising to vote to reduce term limits in House of Representatives to two years until passed as well as having a self imposed two term limit. If you violate the agreement, then you are booted out of the GOOOH system as a candidate for the future. You may also suffer the wrath of the GOOOH members who had faith you live by your word.

Then you participate in a series of Saturday workshops with the other candidates in your district. The workshops are moderated by others in your district who are not running. The process of elimination repeated with 2 winners moving  forward until there are only 10. Those 10 pick the final candidate. The process is done by scoring in a round robin fashion so you really have no idea who is going to be picked in a workshop until the scoring is tabulated.

There is also a $100 donation required, but this is not needed until GOOOH officially announces they have enough participants to move forward.

GOOOH will handle getting selected candidates on the ballot and raising funds. Finally you campaign.

GOOOH is just about the US House of Representatives. GOOOH was in place for the 2008 elections. Tim Cox claims that the Presidential election was a strong distraction for GOOOH attention. GOOOH is now targeted for 2010 elections. GOOOH will start candidate selection in March with one condition. Tim Cox says that we need 500,000 candidates. This is on average about 1,150 candidates per district. If that number is hit by the end of February 2010, the system is go.

GOOOH $$$?
GOOOH will arrange for funding with the base being the donations from the candidates participating plus additional members who join GOOOH to support it. GOOOH will also run a national campaign to raise funds. Tim Cox believes that total available per district will be larger than either party running. Because this is a networking process, the base of the network is 500,000 candidates who then build more GOOOH donors by the mere action of running for office.

A simple action you can do is to buy the Revolution! Book, read it. You can also and visit the web site. A more valuable action is to run for office in your district using GOOOH. This means you sign up at the GOOOH web site and do all the steps a candidate does to get ready for the selection process. You do not have to donate money.

Signing up as a candidate is how I learned a lot. I checked that I wanted to be a candidate and took 2 hours to answer the candidate questionnaire that eventually will be locked and used in the selection process. I am not formally committed to being a candidate or my answers until March and when I donate $100.00. I may stay a candidate even if I do not really want to run because I want to participate and make sure there are other candidates better than me that will be my GOOOH district candidate.

GOOOH is a third party but only for the House of Representatives. It is not about the Senate or Office of President. A party name is yet to be selected, but GOOOH is the official name for the process. A large objection is a third party may cause Republicans to lose Districts to Democrats because a GOOOH candidate would take Republican votes. This argument is false because GOOOH is not about conservatives. It is about creating a candidate that is not selected by the political system. It is about people not politicians and lawyers selecting candidates and thus can include anyone. Thus a GOOOH candidate has appeal to all of the other ways we split candidates such as Democrat vs Republican, Independent, Conservative vs Liberal, Right vs left and so on.  The GOOOH candidate on the ballot was selected by other members of the district who are not in the political machine  and not beholding to special interest groups. They are practically untouchables when compared to all other names on the ballot.

You cannot dismiss the GOOOH candidate questionnaire. Introducing GOOOH to fellow conservatives who said no GOOOH, I suggested a simple test. If you are going the traditional candidate selection route, that you take all or a subset of the GOOOH candidate questionnaire and ask your current elected incumbent you want to run or an opponent you like to run and ask them to answer them. GOOOH candidates must answer the questions for or against and defend their answers among their peers. Traditional candidates do not and are very likely to give you multi-part answers that contain “for” if this condition and “against” for that condition and will take15 to 30 minutes boring the hell out of you to weasel out of a commitment that will make or break their selection.

Revolution! Guide to Whats Wrong With US House and How To Fix It
Revolution! Guide to What's Wrong With US House and How To Fix It

The book Revolution! is your guide to correcting the problem in the House of Representatives. I strongly recommend you read Revolution! so, which ever way you GOOOH, you know what you are trying to fix. Otherwise you may get the same result we have had for decades regardless of the House being controlled by Republicans or Democrats. This is something American cannot afford for one more term.

Obama Birth Certificate Part Of A Citizenship Issue That Cannot Go Away

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

Challenging a sitting President on eligibility is outside the comfort level of most Americans because we assume that such an item is fully vetted beforehand. However the Obama eligibility under Article II Section 1 of the US Constitution persists. The issue is that Obama was not born in the US and thus is not eligible to be President.  Folks pursuing this issue are called birthers: a label now an official word in the Oxford Dictionary defined as “a conspiracy theorist who challenges President Obama’s U.S. birth certificate.”

Born In Two Places
Citizenship a Key Conservative Issue Starting With Leadership

Oxford Birther Definition Narrow Minded
The Oxford definition is narrow and disappointing. Set aside the technical blunder defining a powerful concept and limiting to one individual makes you think Oxford just wants another entry for the word Obama to generate links and subtle Obama promotion. But I digress with a disdain for the educated smug destroying their own reputations. The Oxford definition escapes the citizen sentiment crossing a wider citizenship issue spectrum. Who is a US citizen and who is not a US citizen is a growing problem. Birthers also question border enforcement, immigration laws, illegal immigration and importantly amnesty. Obama’s situation is likely a poster child for that sentiment.

Are You A Citizen?
It’s getting hard to tell. If you are a producer and perhaps one with productive assets, the highest quality citizen proof is demanded to move ahead. If you are a taker or “too small to tax”, it is easy to slide under radar with minimal quality documentation, forged documentation or none at all. If you only have read about false documentation and believe that is not doable, it is probably you are isolated from real life situations dealing with these folks and only get your information from media. It happens and government fails, as usual, to police it.

Birthers Are Not Satisfied
The birther issue is still strong enough to challenge elected officials in public events. One example was in Washington DC on November 11th 2009 where Republican representative Scott Garrett was questioned about the political stance on the birther issue. As the discussion got rolling you can see audience opening up a suppressed concerned. Consider this was in a day and meeting where HR 3962 was a focus!

Speaking Boldly
Then you have ostentatious presentations by community leaders who are uncomfortable with the perils they see for our Constitution. Consider Dr. James David Manning words in Harlem to his congregation on the birthing issue as a part of overall constitutional issues. You might assume Dr. Manning is more about marketing himself to his congregation, but if you strip out motives and merely consider his words, you find them too difficult to refute and are left with attacking the man.

Democrats and Illegal Immigration
Democrats would love nothing more to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants. They also do not want to make changes on the borders to prevent what has lead to the high illegal levels. So the problem will continue and perhaps legislation will provide an automatic mechanism to circumvent vetting new citizens.
Should Democrats prevail, perhaps the law will contain more relaxed definitions of what proves birth in US and the Obama birther issue may be legislated away creating anecdotal proof for birthers that there is a conspiracy cover up.

Does Obama Birth Documentation Measure Up?
There is Obama birth documentation indicating he was born in more than one place. This is not unexpected today due to the lack of confidence US citizenship proof in general. We come to accept that a person could have inconclusive or contradictory proof and get away with it. The birth certificate documentation you do see on the Internet will never measure up to what millions of Americans say they need for proof. This is a key item that helps make this issue persist. Americans detest unequal treatment. The intensity varies depending on what we see as unequal. It is strongest when it is about something integral to being an American such as citizenship.


Print and distribute health care information documentation to all your friends, give  business owners copies to make available at cash registers and literature booths, get your library to have copies available, hand them out to folks arriving at your town hall meetings, hand them out on the street, pin them on bulletin boards. Needs to be done today and everyday until bad health bills are defeated.

Dr. Manning

Violent Verbal Attacks And Blind Hate Snuffs Out Free Speech on HR 3962 at John Adler Town Hall

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

Independent business man stood in fear as his effort to ask a question is met with hate speech and violent verbal attacks during US Representative John Adler (D) in Willingboro New Jersey JFK Center on November 14, 2009. The question never asked centered on John Adler’s assessment of HR 3962’s protections over installation of health czars. This businessman, who’s name we are keeping anonymous at his request, is taking personal time to confront others and congressman over a deep concern of HR 3962’s damage to his business already badly hurt.

John F Kennedy Center Willingboro NJ Town Hall 11/14/09
John F Kennedy Center Willingboro NJ Town Hall 11/14/09

The Last Question
This was the last question. The Town Hall style was to form a line and you got the microphone for a generous amount of time.  All in the line would be heard using a “this isle is closed”  procedure. Personally I thought this approach trumps the speech controlled dehumanizing style at Rush Holt Town Halls. Those at the front of the line railed one by one at Adler for his no vote on HR 3962 claiming Willingboro’s contribution to unseating a Republican and his win in 2009. About 15 people talked against Adler with most avoiding substantive questions that might reveal any devils in the details. Some asked why vision care and dental care are not also included. The line took over one hour to process amid out of turn interruptions from protesters until this last unheard question on potential health czars came up.

Czar Word Becomes Kindle for Division
The czar word appears to have sparked the verbal rampage. Czar is a conservative colloquial for presidential appointments who have nebulous powers and flag the need for the Constitutional protection of Congressional approval. Czars were appointed by this President as well as previous Presidents in increasingly greater numbers. For conservatives, many of the Obama czars have public records tied to communism and Marxism creating great concern. For this reason some czars have left the White house positions and some are still under pressure. However all escape the checks and balances of our Constitution and are ignored by Congress. Tightening down on czar appointments needs to be a top item on selection of conservative candidates for 2010.

Watch Free Speech Crushed Only To Rise Again Among Patriots

Hate Speech Unabated By National Leaders
Hate speech, such as “teabagger” was hurled in neck vain popping threats at the lone voice attempting to question substance of HR 3962. Americans have struggled together to remove hate speech and move towards freedom to approach each other with dignity and respect. The Obama presidency has stopped those gains and appears to be fostering a regression to labeling people with hurtful terms only wanting to speak out. The President must address these labels and show a path of harmony to avoid chaos setting America back a 100 years in civility.

Our President is a highly educated person who appears unable to use that asset to rise above details like legislation and emerge as a true leader of all Americans. Rather he acts detached and unskilled at motivation and will  make his record one of undoing painfully won gains of removing hate terms regardless of any other accomplishments including health care. A passage of any legislation will not end what is now running a muck and fanned by community organizers helping his election.

Adler’s No Vote Because HR3962 Will Fail Unless Doctors Are Harnessed
Adler defended his no vote on grounds the bill did not go far enough. He argues the bill will fail because it does not include enough government intrusion to restrict health care costs. He explained the way doctors look at their work as a series of procedures needs change. He wants the Federal government to move your relationship with a doctor to a results process determined by Federal bureaucrats. I heard this echoed by US Rep Rush Holt (D) at 9/17/09 Town Hall [See Rush Holt How Democrats Will Destroy Medicare Medicaid time point 1:00]. Unless something like this is done, Adler claims, health care costs will continue to skyrocket and thus doom Democrats to a certain failure with this bill and thus all Americans in the same way as if the Constitution failed. To succeed Democrats need to take full control of the health system to manage the certain crisis that will ensure. This bill gives them and future Republicans that power.

John Alder Defends 1st Amendment
John Alder amid the chaos stopped the retreating businessman and encourages another attempt to exercise free speech. That was fundamental and missing in needed quantities over a change to America that is tantamount to rewriting the Constitution and indeed may require challenge on those grounds. Good work John even though we think you are about to vote for a monster doomed to fail – think about it and use the golden rule “less is more”. Plus all the other parts of your District that you said are telling you to vote no: Are you going to listen or just pushing through this boondoggling colossus of bureaucratic madness doomed to failure?

Fear Followed By Brave Mission
The self employed businessman retreated from the building in panic and fear. Regrouping and determined bravely returned to get his question answered. Adler had left to other items on his agenda. The businessman then engaged others who recognized him from the vicious shout out and a lively productive citizen debate broke out in the halls. Americans want to debate this bill and want to be sure it is right.

Willingboro Union Pressure on Adler
Protesters speaking in the town hall made it clear they do not care if this bill is right because they waited too long to make a change in health insurance and demanded Adler to vote yes on next pass. But the protesters are organized by unions masked as grass roots which have the most to gain from a Federal takeover of health care which includes a steady expansion of union drones to pay into union political boss coffers without any care of the health of Americans or freedoms whatsoever. The hurry is because if the horrible Pelosi bill fails they get nothing. They should protest her!

Americans Want Open Debate on HR 3962
Folks we met in the hall were genuinely interested to look at details and discuss them. The businessman was armed with quotations from HR 3962 as well as CBO reports to Charlie Rangle who handles IRS laws and who is under tax fraud investigation. Many in the discussion are not aware of these details and loved to discuss them. Some veterans, some strongly pro Government health care. All caring about the real problems in our overall top notch health care system. Protesters only had union printed signs with statements about personal instant gratification and attacks on business that employs their neighbors.



Print and distribute health care information documentation to all your friends, give  business owners copies to make available at cash registers and literature booths, get your library to have copies available, hand them out to folks arriving at your town hall meetings, hand them out on the street, pin them on bulletin boards. Needs to be done today and everyday until bad health bills are defeated.


220-215 Donkeys vs Conservatives Round One and The Movement Forward

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

Conservatives mounted an unprecedented citizens opposition to the US House Nancy Pelosi health care legislation. The rebuff effort has run 4 solid months from the last weeks in July to the November 7th vote and is regrouping to continue for as long as it takes. The US House passed HR 3962 with a 220-215 vote on a Saturday in the wee evening hours. The 215 represent the work of our conservative activism demonstrating our power to persuade. It was an awesome showing.

Democrats Add New Load To Government and the People
Democrats Add New Load To Government and the People

Trapped Like Rats
We knew they would pass some health care legislation. Democrats had to because their leader, Nancy Pelosi, had them trapped like rats. If any opposed it, the wrath of their own party will come down on the next election. If they supported it, the wrath of the people they face and that does not look good either. In fact it is less clear and definable in the Washington opaque bubble and so most ignored it and blindly voted yes.

Citizen Conservative Opposition Redoubling
The citizen opposition and activism is on a learning curve since the first tea party events in April and July. Folks learned they had nothing to fear to attend those and hold a sign and support the speakers.

Many have broken off into action groups and just act, period, and some act daily. We have the tea party groups. We have small unaffiliated groups meeting in homes and taking action. We have some national groups independent of parties such as AsAMom.org. We have many who are ready to drop at a hat and take action. [See Don’t Make Us Come Back: Tea Party Minutemen To Washington DC]  These folks need more direction to the infected areas: the congressman and senators door steps in DC, local offices and homes; and often.

November 5th, activists learned in mass how to approach the House offices in DC. [See Kill The Bill: House Calls Put Congress Offices Under Siege] I know one activist who likes to remain unnamed was down in the House Office building again Saturday all day and night lobbying. Now I want to be there next round with a sleeping bag if  necessary. This person called me a few times for help in researching facts on HR3962. This person then confronted Congressmen and aides in the battle.

After I outlined this piece this morning I received two emails talking about next actions their groups were taking. One was particularly detailed and I will append to the end here for you to review.

Is All Lost – No We Have A Long Way To Go
Sure the House vote was a  legislative defeat. The original founders fought many battles and lost. They may have lost them all from what I recall in history classes, but they persisted to win the greatest victory in the history of civilization – individual freedom. Persistence and stamina are keys to success to take defeats to victories.  The fight just got traction a dozen weeks back. We are newbies on the block. Making conservatism the mainstream of government is going to take a long time of many battles to wear down the radical progressives as we did with the English King.

Senate Health Care Battle
The Senate fight over health legislation still remains. There lies the chance to stop this health legislation or to make it less intrusive and less powerful. At least we must make it a painful victory for the other side. This means for New Jersey a statewide focus on the Senators Lautenberg and Menendez. However, there is also going to be an important interstate effort on  Senators from other states believed we can influence.

2010 Elections
We have the 2010 elections that require immediate attention. Primaries are soon and candidate choices are on us now. These are votes that do count. In the long run, the bills like the health bill will require power to change the oppressive parts and powers given to the administrative branch that overseas your health care options and costs. These votes are also how we are going to fight battles to slowly dismantle the oppressive progressive government we now have and will be bigger by 2012, the next national election.

National 10 + 10 Conservative Network
You need to create groups of 10 that meet regularly from weekly to no less that twice monthly to discuss the issues and coordinate team actions doable within the group and items to support larger groups like you have with tea party protests. Each member of the group should also be hosting one group with a different set of 9 people. There is a movement on the way for this that you can link your group into and we can have the power of millions nationwide networked for instant action and solidarity.

Minuteman Force In DC
We need a conservative minuteman force in the House and Senate offices in DC. They need to be a lobbying force with an ostentatious presence. If needed they need to be there daily and we should get support from Republicans on how to play the game and then improve on that.

Addendum – Example Plan In  Action Received by Email Today

Dear Concerned Citizens,

In an odd way many of us have been waiting for the House to pass this atrocious and deceptive healthcare bill. As groups, we are already energized. But we knew that nothing could elevate our energy to irrepressible heights more than a massive overreach by Washington. One that can still be stopped. Well, we got everything we wanted on a silver platter.

Late Saturday Night, November 7th, Nancy Pelosi handed us the single greatest boost of the entire Obama saga! In a 215 – 210 squeeker, Democrats and , John Dingell the sole Republican, passed HR 3962. In her frenzied house chamber, Nancy’s Pyrrhic victory unwittingly fired “the shot heard round the world.” Americans are more galvanized than ever! And here is the plan moving forward.

Step one: Objective: Remove from office all Blue Dog Dems who voted in favor in swing districts by flooding their districts with selected pages from HR 3962 accompanied by clear explanations of the consequences and letting them know their representative voted for this.

A. Will someone please volunteer to identify those Blue Dog Dems in the house who voted in favor and are not in “safe districts?”

Step two: Objective: Notify HR 3962 proponents in the Senate that we are exposIng the bill and all who are planning to vote for it.

B. Will please help identify Senate members to best target?

Step three: Objective: Complete and assemble materials to be forwarded and posted nationwide and accumulate network notification lists.

C. Several people are now designing a flyer that will contain pages from the actual bill, explanatory notes and a covering email.

Step four: Objective: To create a door to door nationwide transparency program exposing HR 3962.

D. Once the flyers are completed, we will ask everyone to forward them to everyone they know; pass the email on and; print 10 copies. Hand out 5 to individuals and neighbors and tack 5 copies on local community boards such as a local supermarket or laundramat.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Several of us have already spoken to representatives in DC, no names mentioned, and they think it is a fantastic idea. Anyone who can help getting FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity onboard, please step up!!!!

Target dates:

* Flyer creation will be completed by Sunday evening, Nov 8

* Lists being accumulated today Sun., Nov. 8

* Blasts out by Monday, Nov 9 at 5 PM EST

* Door to door campaign and public postings November 11th – 13th.

Please forward this to all patriots to get ready!

Opportunities For New Jersey Conservatives: Chris Christie and Citizens For Assembly

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

On November 3rd 2009 conservatives have a major opportunity to advance their movement in New Jersey with Chris Christie and the Citizens For Assembly.

Why Chris Christie for Conservatives?
I heard arguments why Chris Christie is not the perfect choice for a conservative vote. I have heard arguments that Chris Daggett may be better. True or not Daggett will lose tomorrow. Corzine can win and if he does a big loss for conservatism in New Jersey when conservatives are on a precipice for a great opportunity to advance in New Jersey with Chris Christie despite any doubts.

Conservative Fight In New Jersey Is Not Just This Gubernatorial Race
The conservative fight for New Jersey is a longer term effort that transcends this Gubernatorial race. The fight requires conservatives in the State to focus on the local school boards, townships, cities, counties and the State legislature.  These are the places where the battles are manageable and will make a more sustained change; so much so they can influence candidate choices in future Gubernatorial races and in Washington where problems for the Country are dire.

Chris Christie will have a chance to respond to conservative pressure and he can be measured on the results. That pressure is best channeled into local and State elections for however long it takes. Here  conservatives need to weed out moderates and liberals and replace them with conservatives ideally  through the Republican party, but a Conservative party if that is what it will take.

Citizens For Assembly – A Running Start On November 3rd
Tomorrow you have a running start if you look at the Citizens For Assembly candidates on tomorrow’s ballot for your district. They are the tea party, citizen activists who said they had enough and see their only alternative is to drop what they are doing and band together under a Common Sense Pledge to become candidates in an attempt to remove deeply entrenched Democrats around the State. Conservatives need to take this concept Barry Funt started and use it as guide.

Way Back Machine: Ross Perot
Billionaire Ross Perot on national television dazzled us with charts and graphs about the finances of Washington the other parties found not worthy to share with the voters. This was alluring enough for the only vote I regretted in Presidential elections. Clinton won, Perot lost and the regret was to follow.

Only months later a tax was imposed on Social Security beneficiaries if they decided to go back to work. We would not want seniors motivated to work. Over a certain amount they would lose dollar for dollar in their check.  This affected my widowed mother who came from a family who worked into senior years. She would throttle back and be relegated to work at generally low paying tasks to stay under the threshold. A big misuse of talent gained over a lifetime.

Soon there were the private meetings headed by Hillary Clinton to orchestrate the take over the health industry of the United States. We fought it back but like the poisonous vines we have here in New Jersey they grew back and have us in a death grip.

New Jersey conservatives help Chris Christie and Citizens for Assembly in and then we begin our next advance. The work is easy: go vote tomorrow and remind all fellow conservatives.