Vegetarianism as a Health Plan Succumbs to Meat Eater Peer Pressure

By Lon Hosford

Vegetarians are mostly in it because they convinced themselves that it would be good for their health and longevity. When it comes to stress and their social life vegetarianism  severely impacts their health negatively.

Woman eating fried chicken. 84% go back to eating meat again
84% go back to eating meat again


Americans are fixated on the idea that food is directly related to health. Excluding the extremes like obesity or bulimia or alcohol poisoning or drowning oneself in water – there was a well know radio contest over who could drink the most water, a person died – it make eating a stressful event. The stress it generates is more likely bad for your health.  Its ok to banter about what is good or bad about a food you may have read about. Then it is best to eat it and enjoy it and lose the stress.

Enjoying your friends and not having to stress out when you share a meal with them, is also a good plan. Enjoy their food and you will be happier and live as long as your genetics have it planned for you.

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Electric Car Owners Polluting More Than Gas Guzzlers

By Lon Hosford

ELECTRIC CARS RUN ON COAL. Our education system does not provide a science foundation to understand it.

Electric Car Plug
Electric Car Plug




Basic science skill start in home making and shop back in the geezer days of public education. Not to say we need to reinstitute it in the same way it existed back then. But today most children have no idea of what adding salt to boiling water does or leaving wood in a moist environment does to the wood.


The electric car hoax is really big companies like General Electric trying to get products that have no market sense sold. They have successfully funding lame Congress candidates to go in and rubber stamp stupid laws and funding to get customers and business on a hoax.

The hoax is that electric cars save energy and oil. The fundamentals of science and laws are ignored.

1. You can only transfer energy consumption from one source to another.

A car is a the largest consumer of energy that you can own. Electric energy can come from many sources. You have very little choice over that source when you charge a car. Yet you have no idea how the electric was made. You really do not care to know when you need to make the car go. You may care in general but not when you absolutely need to use the car.

2. Energy is most efficient when the raw materials are used.

Electric cars are far removed from the source of the energy. That means loss of efficiency. Loss of efficiency translates to impact on the environment and on the cost for the energy received.


3. Using Energy generates heat

You want to move a heavy pile of metal, plastics and what not all needed energy to make around it generates heat. That is regardless if the energy comes from solar radiation captured or fossil fuels. In fact the trapped solar radiation may have been reflected back to space and now you are instead emitting it.

4. Sun Worship

The Sun worship for energy is a key indication of a lack of science fundamentals in our education system. The sun solution is not science movement but more a religious movement. It is a thought that we can transfer the use of energy from fossil fuels to energy available in outer space.

The result is not clear to even those who are claimed to be scientists. The common sense tells you the sun radiation hits the earth. Some reflects back to space and some is absorbed by people, buildings, rocks, mountains, oceans and what not. That balance is what we are planning to tamper. We need vast fields of solar collecting apparatus. These fields are already upsetting the micro climates of the areas they are installed. They are even killing wild life and chaining migration habits and what not.

Obama Clueless About American Bravery and Honor In New Jersey

By Lon Hosford

Blame the audience for not understanding his wit and allusion to a higher meaning way way out of the average person’s league.

Obama Flopping at Lakehurst New Jersey
Obama Flopping at Lakehurst New Jersey


He can speak like he connects and understands, but he does not understand most people, who they are and how they live. He does not have to as his life experiences made him a narcissist. He is kinda of the backdoor silver spoon but without the silver spoon.

The lack of true honest connection with people is the sad legacy of Obama. He will live a life without that honest connection and the human connection you get from knowing it.

In the Obama world everyone is his opponent in a street game that no one is really playing.

He is just is not a person who can get along for the benefit of the many or of the any really as everything they will claim he accomplished are flashes of current events and not markers in history. You are someone who is a victim who is promised government solutions to your problems and pain inflected on who Obama tells you who is causing them. Or you are an opponent to that message which makes you an opponent to Obama. In the Obama world you are not going to win because he knows that he has an advantage of Black Privilege.

How Will History Judge Dianne Feinstein? Sacking a Nation of Free People

By Lon Hosford

Intellectuals and pseudo intellectuals like to warn us about how “history will judge us.” It is an elitist statement that make everyone think they understand history and how it will play out. They emit superiority over something that there is no evidence or even the facts of history repeating something in the past. Its to render all rational argument of common sense inert.

Senator Feinstein - Dianne Feinstein on Bush-Era Torture:
Senator Feinstein – Dianne Feinstein on Bush-Era Torture: “History Will Judge Us” If We Don’t Say “Never Again”

Dianne Feinstein on Bush-Era Torture: “History Will Judge Us” If We Don’t Say “Never Again”

In reality history filters down the day to day mundane stuff like torturing your enemies into dust blown away and forgotten as irrelevant.

How will history remember Senator Dianne Feinstein?

Again it is hard to tell what makes history books, but it could be for Feinstein being part of the Congresses that lead to the demise of a Nation. That is what history will remember about her as part of a corrupt group of politicians sacking from inside a nation free people for their own sustenance and solidifying their life long job of holding an elective office and not going back to the private life after a reasonable period of time.

Lets hope we survive this internal onslaught and overcome the damage.

Feinstein an Old Blood Democrat Statist

Fresh blood is needed and it may take the total collapse of California for old dogs like Feinstein to succumb in an election. In many ways these old Democrats remind me of the Soviet Union Communist party members at the high level near the fall of the party’s control over Eastern Europe and Russia. They were all very old and being preserved by brute force of their party. In her case it is the brute force of a superior attitude and lack of any humility that she in fact may be part of the problem she claims to exist. However like the fall of the Soviet Union Communist Party’s grip slowly eroded by their own failures while they still continued to point the decline was due to their own failure or being a supportive part of it.


Gruber Not Stupid But An Arrogant Progressive Scapegoat

By Lon Hosford

Elijah Cummings Savages Gruber: 'Stupid, Absolutely Stupid'
Elijah Cummings Savages Gruber: ‘Stupid, Absolutely Stupid’

Gruber is a government enriched arrogant progressive. The quote “average people” have throughout the history of man been subjected to the elite educated people like Gruber. They are tyrants or in his case a mini tyrant. If you relate his nature to the founding of America, he is the “Lord” commissioned by Kings.

The questions Cummings should be asking is a return of the money paid Gruber for designing a plan to intimidate Americans and lead to the destruction of the Democrat parties power both nationally and locally.


Cummings is more concerned with the identification of a scapegoat for the negative image of Obamacare. Democrats spin it and spin it as being an achievement. Obamacare is an ugly building blocking a great view of the future. Now its built people will have to hear forever from Democrats they built it. They worked so ever hard on designing it. But unfortunately it came out ugly and despicable. All Gruber did was admit that reality and take a big check from the government for his soft life.

America Is Coming Apart is a Media Fantasy

By Lon Hosford

Click to Read America Is Coming Apart at the Seams
America Is Coming Apart at the Seams by Francis Wilkinson at

“Where you live in the country has always influenced how you live. But divergent public policy choices, rooted in sharp partisan conflict, are heightening the geographic distinctions.”

Only in the news media do these issue live as national crises. These, like Ferguson and school shootings, are really very local issues and if anything are aggravated by Federal laws, regulations and oratory.

The media gives them a life in a fantasy land place they call America. Its not a real place, but a virtual make believe place they can mold and structure to keep their alabaster content flowing.

We had American going in two directions, as reported by the media, since I can remember. It seems to be a foundational issue for media places like Bloomberg View. In general anything wrong with America is a necessary fabric that makes up news media.

Most people look around and see at local levels great efforts to live and work together. What we do see are cities that have decayed under Democrat leadership and anyone regardless of race makes an effort to escape that. Usually it starts with over regulation strangling the city economy. Businesses move and then the fittest leave next. Who stays behind range from those benefiting from the taxes and those who are dependent on the city system. Basically the dependents remain. These are folks who cannot make a community work due to economic hardship which translates into government dependency keeping them in that spot.

The record is old about this inner city strife of very abandoned, abandoned by the Democrat party who controls them, people. It is not a national issue but local to those places. Anything nation about them is really the national political party, Democrats, that are always there.

Obamacare is Prime Example of Leaving Less Income For the Poorest 10 Percent

by Lon Hosford

The income of the poor decreases when a government increasingly chooses to control the economic freedom of its citizens.

On the other hand the income of the rich seems to continue to grow despite less economic freedom. Hence the cliche “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”.

Income Share Constant For Poor

You can see the impact of reduced economic freedom on the poor in these graphs published by

Over the last decade, income share for the poorest 10% remains fairly constant between all countries: 2.5% – 2.76%. This means folks in the lower 10% have the same portion of the pie regardless of how much government intervenes into its citizen’s economic freedom.

But as government reduces economic freedom, the income for the lower 10% drops.

Mexican View of Obama

Obamacare is an example of restricting economic freedom. Already the United States sees the economic freedom of millions drop with higher health care costs, loss of full time jobs to part-time jobs, cut backs on hours of part timers and in general loss of jobs due to the government program, other than in the government itself. Arguments for Obamacare helping the poor look genuine on the surface. Those arguments mask theses results, that in the economic flow, the poor will lose in some other way. Basically they become poorer.

In the end Obamacare only ingratiates the wealthiest that supported it. In some ways directly by having the government bring insurance and pharmaceutical companies new customers and donations to political campaigns. It doles out a lower quality product to all whether or not they pay for it. The rich get richer and the poor pay for it with government control over their economic freedom.

Mexican Point of View of Obama´s Presidency

Mexican View of Obama

The spelling and grammatical errors are consistent for a video in English from Mexico. The analogy to Spain is basically correct & could have been Venezuela, Cuba, France, Greece, Italy, or Portugal, as examples of socialist policies. Gracias, amigo, por su apoyo.

Obama offers the same kind of hope and change that Spain has endured.

Fidel Castro also promised “Change” but nobody questioned what type of change he meant. The socialists, communists and dictators all do to the willing idiots.

Minutemen Of Conservatism Battle at Foxborough for the People’s Seat

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

The People’s Seat of Massachusetts was taken back on January 19, 2010 as a combined effort of Patriot volunteers from all over the United States, the “Minutemen of Conservatism”, participating in many simultaneous battles occurring both within the State of Massachusetts and electronically around the country. One of those battles occurred in Foxborough Massachusetts and ended in Boston.

Conservatives Arise At Foxborough Massachusetts January 19,2010
Conservatives Fight for People's Seat At Foxborough Massachusetts January 19,2010. Bottom: typical patriotic event at Foxborough.

Battles for the Hearts and Minds
The battles were not of guns or hand to hand combat but of ideas and words to mobilize Massachusetts voters into action to carry through on the message they got from Scott Brown for US Senate to take back the People’s Seat. This was the Massachusetts US Senate seat held for decades by the aristocrat Ted Kennedy.

They Came From All Over the US
Patriot volunteers joined in at Foxborough from Texas, from New Jersey, from Pennsylvania, from Virginia, from Wisconsin, from Ohio, from Connecticut, from Rhode Island, from New York, from Michigan and from Massachusetts. At times half of the force was from outside of Massachusetts.

They were of all ages. They were young folks, mothers who left children home, businessmen leaving shops, the unemployed and retirees shocked from their solace. All united with one like minded idea that conservatism must win the day no matter the cost.

The founders knew of the pain suffered in the American Revolution and left us tools in the Constitution to avoid that pain. Like many tools they are put away and often need greasing up and practice to use again. These Constitutional tools were deployed by a modern society using modern technology in the days leading up to January 19th, 2010. Automated software running a portable call system of 30 phones, data banks producing street walking lists of likely voters,  the Internet tying all of that together, cell phones tying us together and vehicles with GPS systems to guide us through strange streets.

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Volunteers used their own computers, BlackBerrys and IPhones to get up to date news while keeping entertained with content of their choosing as they worked. They used email to communicate back home coordinating family activities and business needs. Locals provided food and lodging and hosted after work events including a hot tub to relax ! Soft by any comparison to the American Revolutionary battles but what the founders intended with the tools they gave us to avoid bloodshed.

The Call To Arms
Volunteers came from networks of conservatives passing messages in a way that chills you when you compare it to the American revolutionary era of communication for the call to arms. Each volunteer made their own mind up to participate. I remember communicating with great conservative tea party activists like Dan Popa of Clinton New Jersey and leaders like  Laureen Cummings of Scranton Pennsylvania to gauge who was going and how we were going to get there and why the hee haw haw we need to drop everything to clean up this mess in DC.

I joined the Foxborough battle on Monday January 18th after grabbing a toothbrush and jumping into a car of a fellow patriot and business owner Dan Popa for the 6 hour trip to find a battle location. There was no second thought for Dan. It was a matter who was throwing in with him.

Foxborough Massachusetts
Foxborough Massachusetts

We knew we had to be in Massachusetts, exactly where was the only question. As we left, we hoped we did not join in too late. En route we were in communication via cell with those already engaged in towns like Springfield Massachusetts. We eventually found the action in Foxborough and were fully at work within less of an hour of arrival. Already engaged were others from New Jersey like tea party leader Mark Falzon of Monmouth Country who arrived days earlier.

We worked to call about 500- 700 voters each throughout Massachusetts for the next 16 hours. We hit the streets and went door to door. We offered to shovel side walks and driveways for Scott Brown voters. Voters expressed gratitude for our offers and in all but one case let us off the hook. We visited the polls to provide moral support for the local Scott Brown volunteers manning signs in the sloppy snow wet conditions.

Deja Vu Siege of Boston 1775
In many respects the fight for the People’s Seat shared the motivations of the onset of the American Revolution. Thomas Gage (1719 – 1787) military governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay helped spark the American Revolutionary War in April 1775. After the battles of Lexington and Concord New England militias surrounded Boston to keep the British Army from moving. Gage was the military governor at the time and the quintessential aristocrat.  Consider his misunderstanding of the people of the time:

In September 1774, he [Thomas Gage ] ordered a mission to remove provincial gunpowder from a magazine in what is now Somerville, Massachusetts. This action, while successful, caused a huge popular reaction known as the Powder Alarm that prevented Gage from successfully executing other raids. This was in large part due to Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty kept careful watch over Gage’s activities after this point and successfully warned others of future actions before Gage could mobilise his British regulars to execute them.

Gage found himself criticized by his own men for allowing groups like the Sons of Liberty to exist. One of his officers, Hugh Percy remarked, “The general’s great leniency and moderation serve only to make them (the Americans) more daring and insolent.” Gage himself wrote, “If force is to be used at length, it must be a considerable one, and foreign troops must be hired, for to begin with small numbers will encourage resistance, and not terrify; and will in the end cost more blood and treasure.” Edmund Burke described Gage’s conflicted relationship by saying in Parliament, “An Englishman is the unfittest person on Earth to argue another Englishman into slavery.”  Source Wikipedia.

Massachusetts State Quarter Depicting Minutemen
Massachusetts State Quarter Depicting Minutemen

These revolutionary militia became the basis for the Continental Army. Today it is the Conservative Army on the march: a decentralized entity not understood by the media, Republicans, Democrats, communists, progressives, statists, socialists, liberals and anyone who does not understand exactly how the Constitution works to empower local people and limit central government. They are the Minutemen of Conservatism who will rise up seemingly from nowhere to fight as in Foxborough Massachusetts.

In the “war rooms” like at Foxborough, Massachusetts voters were put into siege with a pounding of the single message to vote for Scott Brown. Brown had already conveyed the messages voters wanted to hear. The job left was to get them to the polls or answer any questions for the undecided. In many cases, voters who were contacted had heard from the new militia a half dozen times or more.

Voter’s pain was minimal compared to what occurred in 1775 but some did not take it well. Most were tolerant and as they could see the battle turning in Brown’s favor, most were relieved to hear from us and urged us on despite they might get a few more calls from centers elsewhere. Some of the help with the undecided got the entire room of workers engaged in getting the answers to turn minds. It was hard work with a spirit of fun.

Brown Victory Part From Media Stand to Rear of Room
Brown Victory Party: Media Stand to Rear

Boston: The Unlikely Attend a Victory Celebration
At the end of the 19th, the Foxborough militia moved north to Boston to join in with all others in the State to wait the outcome of the fight at the Victory Party which could just as well had been a Concession Party.  Most took a chartered bus and shared conservative talk plus updates on election results coming in from text messages and cell phone calls. We discussed future actions to be taken in the overall effort to move conservatism forward; most where about the 2010 elections.

The who’s who you would expect at such an event for a local state election, Massachusetts Republicans, were not the norm! Walking through the tightly packed crowds like a tea party event you had at least a 50% chance of meeting someone from other parts of the United States. Finding a Massachusetts Republican was not easy. They were there, but scattered throughout a crowd of Americans that knew this was a pivotal battle for conservatism and they were going to make it happen.

Media Stand Blocking 2/3 of Room From View of Stage
Media Stand Blocking Two Thirds of Room From View of Stage

Boston: Victory Party Press Not Happy Campers
I got a few reports about the media personnel from the networks being rather pushy and condescending.  Basically the idea of a Republican taking the Senate seat had to be “wrong and was due to extenuating circumstances so those of you celebrating should not get your pants all up in a bunch because we the media are in disbelief that this is even real anyway.” The attitude was echoed the next day in the news.

The room was large enough to hold everyone who wanted to attend. I estimate 3,000. The room was divided one third so that media blocked the stage view for the remaining two thirds. This meant most attending watched  the event on one of several view screens. Those screens were also mobbed  for front row viewing. In most respects what was showing on the screens held second place interest to meeting people from all over the country.

Media did not serve us conservatives in our effort and did not deserve box seating blocking the patriots from distant parts of American. In fact they missed that point all together and you may only find that detail in this report.

Can you see them now? The Minutemen of Conservatism
The Minutemen of Conservatism are a force to respect. Now you see them; now you do not. The media cannot see them at all and that is the way we like it. You can see them because they are everywhere, they are you and they are ready.


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Nerdaucrat Government Run Internet on Its Way

By Lon (Alonzo) Hosford

You are reading a heavily taxed electronic document. For you to read this, the distant tyrannical government in Washington DC and my equally tyrannical State of New Jersey collects a bunch of taxes. Is that Free Speech? In 1765 we said no!

Stamp Act = Fairness Doctrine = Net Neutrality
Stamp Act = Fairness Doctrine = Net Neutrality FCC Chair Julius Genachowski, Nerdaucrat

Stamp Act
The Stamp act of 1765, also called Duties in American Colonies Act 1765, required that many printed materials in the colonies be taxed. These included legal documents, magazines, newspapers and various types of paper used at the time. In other words all media for Free Speech was taxed. Americans would have nothing of it and revolted.

Toll Road to Free Speech
The Stamp Act was done by the British Parliament to only its colonies. The justification was for a military presence to protect the colonies. This is one of those “user tax” concepts of government that you know best as a toll on a highway. In the case of a toll road, we say “if you use it you pay more for it”. In the case of this document, we are expressing our freedom of speech where both the writer, me, and the reader, you, pay a toll for it and plenty. Paying a toll to speak is NOT FREE SPEECH! You can try to deny it but the issue is the degree you accept taxes on speech before it becomes free is in your mind.

We pay a tax on internet access. We pay a tax on the electric needed to process, store and present these cyber free speech words. We pay a tax on the telecommunications lines needed to transmit freedom of speech. Business providing conduits for exercising free speech such as an ISP, a radio station or a busy web site pay a tax on profits, pay a tax on employees, pay a tax on benefits and pay for a license all charged to you. Tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax and then some free speech slithers through. At what tax threshold speech becomes free? How about zero, thank you?

Regulation of Free Speech
Go beyond taxes and you have regulatory functions in DC, in particular the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), but also you have the hidden “czar” functions, that work to control freedoms including speech. These regulatory functions are a distant government determining the rules of free speech; an oxymoron definition for freedom.

We had the experiment with Fairness Doctrine first introduced in 1949. This act was in the name of Free Speech and in a era of growing government control required broadcasters to present controversial issues of public importance in a manner honest, equitable and balanced. All of these qualitative terms, “controversial issues”, “honest”, “equitable” and “balanced” were defined by the FCC; that is, the government, and are not covered in the constitutional provisions of free speech.

Here is the First Amendment to the US Constitution regarding free speech:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

To extend this to cover the States from cutting free speech the 14th amendment is used

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law . . .

Mark Fowler, the FCC Chairman under Ronald Reagan, eliminated the Fairness Doctrine in August 1987 based on these amendments.  Up until that date television broadcasting was limited to three television stations and we may well still just have had that many up until today. In fact all three were the same as they parroted their formats and content.

Mark Levin Show ABC

This is also true about radio stations. There were a limited number with limited content; mostly music. With Fowler following Reagan following Reagan’s belief in free commerce applied to media, a wide variety of competitive radio shows including talk radio appeared. The best content attracting audiences prospered and the worse did not. Government does not control it, people do. There are many more examples that can be extracted from the rapid demise of television and cable as well. Now we come to the age of the internet.

Free Speech Regulation is on the Way Back – Net Neutrality
The FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is ready to restrict the First Amendment. This under the banner of Net Neutrality disguised as protecting Free Speech as in 1949. Net Neutrality tells internet providers they must allow all content regardless of cost. It also is a plan to tell them what technologies to use and how to interface with their customers. Does this sound like Health Insurance reform?

Video: Obsolete FCC Trying to Justify Its Existence in A Modern Age
Here you see Genachowski, a young nerdaucrat, discussing the plan of bypassing the Congress and reaching out to the people to change free speech in a modern age and to justify its disappearing relevance. Take care to listen for how random selections of people will provide input in how free speech will be regulated. Notice how they have set rules of debate and discussion and without the thought that Congress should revisit the FCC purpose and relevance and be responsible for citizen input. The FCC is an area we can cut the budget without any loss.

In the video the young nerdaucrat thinks business needs to be transparent while our Obama government is not. Notice how he raises markets to entity status as if they have the legality of a corporation or person. This doublespeak implies businesses are evil, need regulation and are not made of people. The “market” is an alias for FCC relevance to define what is equitable and establish control.

The concept of government getting out of the way of the internet is the reason we have progressed further in the US.  This is a fast moving world Genachowski identifies and proposes the slow stodgy government to run it. More bothersome is Walt Mossberg in the video looking to the FCC to determine how businesses respond to consumer needs. Its a trap, Walt, that government nerdaucrats like Genachowski set to control and eventually lead us into a history of bad interventions of Government into Free Speech. All the pointing, Walt, you do to the rest of the world having better broadband is mainly the fault of the out of date unnecessary FCC and the acts of Congress empowering it leaving the “market” restricted.

Near the end of this video Genachowski talks about the benefits Reagan and Mark Fowler gave  us by getting the Fairness Doctrine out of the way and allowing capitalism to move us in a direction that the world is following in telecommunications. The FCC still provides restrictions keeping the US behind in developing infrastructure.

At the very end you see the nerdaucrat warning of a “crisis” looming that could happen in 40 years to justify the FCC. There you go again progressives another crisis.

This intervention is what happened to radio under the Fairness Doctrine. The radio stations found providing music the best way out of providing any other forced content and so little free speech flowed. Bottom line is that the Government, pushed by the Googles of the world, is now moving to set the competitive rules for information flow between Americans. Google, becoming the evil empire, wants the government to force internet providers to take all its content. This is something you do not want. It will lead to offering less options and businesses leaving the market, limiting innovation (perhaps there is something better than the internet for example) and raising the cost to transmit. Raising costs is a skill above all else that government excels second to taking property from one American like Verizon and giving to another like Google.

Your YouTube or Facebook Accounts Under Government Control?
Once you give a sliver of a freedom away where does it stop. Take this sliver and the next FCC overstep of Free Speech may require bloggers, YouTube channels, Facebook and just about any internet speech to provide alternative points of view. How? Well software can be developed to force other content onto your pages. For example YouTube could be required to show a video response to your public videos. Right now that is an account choice you have to allow, review or disallow. Giving that choice to the FCC is the same as the Fairness Doctrine we swept away. It suppresses increased communications and free speech. The latter is strictly prohibited by the Constitution as quoted above.

Government Stay Out of Our Internet
Your understanding of the Constitution helps you identify what appears as great ideas on the part of government to be actually infringement on rights of someone and eventually on you. Be careful what you give away because you may have to give more. The internet grew fine without government and needs no more regulation. If anything it needs removal of regulation and immunity to any taxation as it embodies the modern version of Free Speech envisioned by our founders.

Keep the internet free, yes, but as in the Constitutional sense!


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